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Anarchist Group Planning To "Welcome" Delegates To The Republican National Convention

Reported by Ellen - July 9, 2008 -

A self-proclaimed anarchist group calling themselves, "The RNC Welcoming Committee" are planning to protest at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota this September. Their plan is to cut off access routes to the Xcel Energy Center, where the convention is scheduled to happen. This was a local story until July 7, 2008 when America's Newsroom made it a national story.

Guest blogged by Scott

Patti Ann Browne (sitting in for co-host Megyn Kelly) introduced the story, by KMSP reporter Jamie Reese. While the story does mention that the intent of the "Welcoming Committee" is simply to disrupt the RNC, and prevent convention attendees from actually attending the convention, it also includes overtones of possible violence erupting during the planned protest.

Comments: The RNC Welcoming Committee's web sites have been "suspended", and the KMSP site contains several alarmist responses to the planned protest. America's Newsroom should have let this sleeping dog lie. Fox has given credibility to the Welcoming Committee by making this a national issue. Then again, it is Fox's standard operating procedure to make you afraid of it, and tell you who's to blame for it, no matter the outcome.

Video clip from foxnews.com

A call to arms or a spoof of a day in the life of an anarchist? I report, you decide.

KMSP News story: Original report by Jamie Reese
KMSP News story: Anarchist Group's RNC Welcoming Committee Website Crashes