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FOX News Paints Sanitized Picture Of Jesse Helms

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2008 -

I’m all for not speaking ill of the newly dead but that’s no reason for a national news network, especially one that’s always bragging about being “fair and balanced,” to fawn over the memory of Jesse Helms without discussing the controversies he engendered. With video.

In commemoration of Helms’ passing over the holiday weekend, Hannity & Colmes last night (7/7/08) played Sean Hannity’s 2005 interview with Helms and his wife. Hannity mentioned that Helms had become “admired and hated” for wanting “to derail the freight train of liberalism.” But Hannity, that champion of white rights, somehow never got around to mentioning Helms’ 1990 campaign against Harvey Gantt in which Helms deliberately fanned the flames of racial enmity against his African American opponent. Nevertheless, B-roll footage during the interview showed a jovial-looking Helms among Helms and Gantt campaign signs. He was also seen looking chummy with a couple of African American men.

Instead of discussing anything controversial, Hannity asked such softball questions as, “Was it hard when people would attack your husband regularly? I mean, he became the poster child for modern conservatism and he was called just about every name in the book.”