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Karl Rove Claims the Caribou Will Love it If we Drill in ANWR

Reported by Melanie - June 23, 2008 -

On Wednesday, June 18, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) argued that Alaskan caribou will love it if we drill in ANWR because the area would, “become a meeting ground and ‘coffee klatch‘ for caribou." Rush Limbaugh and Bernie Goldberg said essentially the same crazy thing days earlier (see above link).

Well guess what! That line of bull is moving up the food chain. Karl Rove used it today (June 23, 2008) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

With video.

Cavuto, wrapping up a segment bashing Barack Obama: "All I know is that the more expensive gas gets, you worry less about the caribou and more about your caravan."

Rove: "Well, and you know what, the, ah, the, ah our efforts in Alaska to drill oil indicate that we don't, that, that by doing it the right way the caribou are just fine, thank you very much."

Cavuto: "They're doin' fine. They're doin' fine."

Rove: "Yeah, exactly."

Cavuto: "They hang a little too close to that pipeline. It bothers me on many levels."

Rove: "Well, it's, it's warm."

Cavuto: "It is warm. It's very warm."

Rove: "It is warmer, it's ah, you bet. And it's, ah, it's ah, it's attractive to a man. They smell money."

Cavuto: "Very, ahhhha. Karl Rove. Thank you very much. Always good seeing you."

Rove: "You bet Neil."

Here's video:

Comment: I'm lookin' forward to the next how-effective-is-the-media-at-informing-Americans poll which will undoubtedly show that 92% of Fox viewers actually believe that caribou are snuggling up to the Alaska pipeline, drinking coffee, and lovin' every minute of it.