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Here We Go — Cavuto Compares Obama to That "Dork," Dukakis

Reported by Melanie - June 9, 2008 -

On Friday, Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, offered five "free political tips" to John McCain. Today (June 9, 2008), "fair and balanced" Cavuto offered five tips (in this case they weren't "free or political") to Barack Obama. Here's the video.

In sum, they were: (1) "Resist the rock star thing;" (2) "Dumb it down;" (3) "Lose your cool;" (4) "Tell your wife Michelle to share her favorite recipe," and (5) "Don't bowl — just be real!"

Here's the "don't bowl" tip:

"Don't bowl. Don't punt. Don't ever answer: boxers or briefs? We really do not care about these things so don't patronize us with these things. We know you're trying to be one of us, but we are quite comfortable knowing our presidents are clearly not one of us. Which, by the way, means not going out biking looking like a well-intentioned dork. You're not. This ain't exactly Dukakis in the tank but the adviser who told you this was OK senator, well, had to be in the tank.

"All I'm saying senator is, be real, but respect your inner elitist. I know it's a tough balancing act, but just don't rub it in our faces."


Comment: Oh dear God. It's going to be a long six months watching Fox appeal to its demographic — angry, sour, frightened, middle aged (and older) white people who remember that indeed, Dukakis was a dork. Not necessarily as a person per se but certainly for going along with whoever told him to get into that damn tank. And they don't like "elitists." They want their president to be someone "they can have a beer with." Someone who doesn't mess around with bowling, but who starts wars for sport. Someone who doesn't wear boxers or briefs, but a codpiece, and someone who wouldn't ride a bicycle anywhere near a photographer unless it was in a situation like this or this. (Obama doesn't look at all "elitist" in that picture but instead of letting the picture speak for itself, Fox uses it to paint him as a "dork.")

Again, it's going to be a long six months.