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Colmes Identifies Rove As Informal Advisor To McCain

Reported by Ellen - June 3, 2008 -

Finally, after months of (anti-Democratic) election punditry from Karl Rove in which he is usually introduced as merely “The Architect” and/or “FOX News contributor,” Alan Colmes revealed to FOX News' Hannity & Colmes audience last night (6/2/08) that Rove is an informal advisor to John McCain. Rove did not disagree. With video.

During the discussion, Sean Hannity suggested that Obama is a radical. Hannity asked Rove, “These are long term, established relationships with the most radical elements out there. Can one now begin to conclude that he agrees with them or is that unfair?”

Rove answered, “This goes to the heart of his judgment... What kind of judgment is it that you hang around people like this?”

Probably the same kind of judgment that Rudy Giuliani had when he chose the crooked Bernard Kerik to head his police force, be his private business partner and recommend to head the Department of Homeland Security. But in that instance, Hannity said it was not part of Giuliani's record.

Furthermore, given Hannity’s long term, established relationship with white supremacist Hal Turner, we could say the same about him. Turner's rants make both Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger sound tame.

When Colmes pointed out that Americans want change, they don’t want a third Bush term, that they perceive John McCain as a third Bush term and that’s why Obama is doing well, Rove said that with all the things in the Democrats’ favor, Obama should be way ahead of McCain. Then Rove made the odd argument, “But this is not like 1988 where Michael Dukakis at this point had a 17 point lead on George H.W. Bush. This is an amazingly ineffective general election candidate.”

But Dukakis lost that election which, if anything, proves how much things can change between now and the election. Also, Dukakis was not in a heavy-duty primary fight like the one Obama has been in.

Colmes responded, “I know you informally advise McCain but how do you know that he’s a weak general election candidate? We haven’t even gotten into the general election yet.”

Rove did not deny advising McCain but insisted that “at this point, given the dynamics of the year, Senator Obama should have a commanding lead.”