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FOX News Reacts to Obama's Church Resignation

Reported by Deborah - May 31, 2008 -

Barack Obama announced his decision to leave Trinity United Church of Christ after the recent media frenzy over Father Michael Pfleger, a guest speaker at Trinity, made remarks about Hillary Clinton. FOX News started giving the incident non stop coverage on Thursday. Today, (May 31,2008) Julie Banderas and Patricia Murphy, reacted to the announcement while waiting for Obama to make a statement from Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Banderas opened with the comment that Obama supporters will say he "caved under pressure" and what would this say about how he would handle stress as president. Murphy said the real question of why he stayed in the church so long still remains a big problem. "Twenty years" was repeated over and over by both Banderas and Murphy.

Banderas noted that the "race card" was thrown out by Wright and then Father Pfleger did the same. Banderas made sure to mention that Father Pflerger was white. Murphy added that Obama "would never be able to take it off the table."

Then Steve Brown weighed in from South Dakota repeating the "twenty years" and generally emphasizing Obama's close ties with the church. Brown reported that a letter of resignation that Obama sent on Friday was leaked to CNN precipitating the press conference.

Brown described Pfleger as an "errant priest" admired in the community for his activism. Banderas added " a white priest in a black church who held hands with Farrakhan." When she commented that Obama's resignation would give " less ammunition to the GOP", Murphy repeated the GOP talking point, " Why have you stayed there for twenty years?"

More to follow on Barack Obama's press conference which was carried live on FOX News but not on CNN or MSNBC.