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While Hiding Their Own Pundit’s Connection With McCain, FOX News Complains About Lack Of Media Scrutiny Of Obama

Reported by Ellen - May 28, 2008 -

Karl Rove admits he gives advice to John McCain’s campaign but he was once again brought forth on Hannity & Colmes last night (5/27/08) as the non-partisan sole guest to discuss the 2008 presidential campaign. The pretext this time was Obama’s misstatement about which concentration camp his (great) uncle helped liberate. While not revealing their own pundit’s bias, FOX News repeatedly complained that the media was being too soft on Obama. With video.

In the caption for its online video, FOX News wrote: Obama gets his facts wrong in a war tale. But will the media pay attention? Karl Rove weighs in.


On air, Rove was introduced simply as a "FOX News contributor."

Predictably, Rove (who also avoided mentioning his ties to McCain) complained that “(the media cuts Obama) slack that they wouldn’t cut other people.” Rove continued, “Whether it develops into a narrative by the fall that he doesn’t do his homework, that he’s evasive and slippery, that he gets things wrong and then takes too long to set things right, I don’t know.”

During the segment, one of the banners on the lower third of the screen read, “Obama’s gaffe about uncle’s WWII service receives minimal press.”

Alan Colmes pointed out that John McCain confused Sunnis and Shias a few times. “We could play this game with both candidates,” Colmes said.

Not on Hannity & Colmes you can't. The McCain gaffes have received a fraction of the attention devoted to every misstep of Clinton and Obama. If Colmes didn't bring up McCain's gaffes in the context of other discussions, it's doubtful they would have been covered at all.

Rove replied, “I think there’s a difference, though, between the kind of thing where John McCain, in the midst of a whirlwind world trip confuses Shia and Sunni and somebody who adopts, like Senator Obama has, a bad policy and continues to defend it and then finds himself where, in order to explain it, he’s gotta do the kind of things you generally see in a three-ring circus.”

Unlike, say, McCain presenting himself as an authority on foreign policy and mixing up which faction supposedly sides with our big enemy, Iran? And unlike, say, McCain seeking out the endorsement of Pastor Rod Parsley and then renouncing it? And unlike, say, voting against tax cuts before endorsing them?

Furthermore, McCain’s gaffe pertained to the war we’re actually in right now whereas Obama’s was was about one long over.

For the record, I habitually refer to my great aunt simply as my aunt.

Furthermore, I also find it galling that in their eagerness to attack him "We like America" FOX News ignored the substance of what Obama was talking about, mental health care for veterans.