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You Don't see the White House Objecting to Fox's "Utterly Misleading and Irresponsible" Storyline

Reported by Melanie - May 26, 2008 -

It Wants to Silence Keith Olbermann, Not Neil Cavuto

Remember, way back when on May 19, when the White House accused NBC of "deceitful editing" of Richard Engle's interview with George W. Bush? They said it was, "to further a media-manufactured storyline" that is "utterly misleading and irresponsible."

Hah! Yo! White House? Where's the outrage? Neil Cavuto interviewed Bush on Friday (May 23, 2008) - see it here, under "Your World Exclusives" (Fox titles it, "Level the Playing Field").

Talk about a "media-manufactured storyline." Check out Bush's demeanor while he "strongly" disagrees with protectionism:



And check out the props. Bush claimed that selling those trucks to Colombia under the Colombia Free Trade Agreement would add jobs to the US economy. Cavuto bought it lock stock and barrel, never raising the possibility that corporations might pocket the profits and funnel them to their CEO's. That's what they've done in the past but again, Fox gave Bush a pass. Talk about "utterly misleading and irresponsible." Why let that myth float other than ah, well, to let it float?

Not only that, but what's with the the use of the words "we" and "them" instead of "Republicans" and "Democrats?"


Bush's words weren't in quotes so why not (I know the answer - just asking) take a stab at being a bit more grownup? Professional? Or, hey, here's a thought - "fair and balanced?"

Wrapping it up, Cavuto, who refers to himself as a "journalist" almost crawled up Bush's ass:


So I'm waitin' for the White House to scream about this "media-manufactured storyline" and the "utterly misleading and irresponsible" Fox News coverage. Though, of course, I know that was BS. The White House aims to silence Keith Olbermann, not Neil Cavuto.