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FOX News Refers To Obama as "BHO"

Reported by Ellen - May 21, 2008 -

On the lower third of the screen, where they reported the results of exit polls from the Kentucky primary, FOX repeatedly referred to Barack Obama as “BHO.” Was it done to match the “HRC” reference to Hillary Clinton? Was it done to spare calling him “BO?” Or was it all done to highlight the middle initial, “H?” I report, you decide

My personal feeling is that it was done with mischievous intent.

In the first screen grab below, the text reads, “57% OR voters: BHO can beat MAC. “Obama” has only two letters more than “BHO.” There was plenty of room on the screen. Interesting that FOX doesn't call McCain, "JSM."

In the second frame, “Obama” is spelled out, so we know they can do it when they want to.

The third frame says, “32% OR: BHO shares Wright's views. To match the full name, “Wright,” FOX News could have used “Obama,” which has fewer letters.