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White Supremacist Sympathizer Hannity Once Again Tries To Link Obama To Farrakhan

Reported by Ellen - May 15, 2008 -

Sean Hannity, the former pal of Neo-Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner, once again made a blatantly false attempt to paint Barack Obama as a black militant via a trumped up connection to Louis Farrakhan. Hannity has repeatedly “investigated” Obama's so-called connection to Farrakhan and has even reported on Obama's displeasure with Farrakhan's divisive tactics. But Hannity ignored the evidence he presented on his own show in order to race-bait against Obama. He was joined in the bigotry by Townhall.com's Amanda Carpenter. She expressed her displeasure that African Americans are voting for Obama and said that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright issue has raised “questions about the black church.” Unfortunately, the only Democrat on the unbalanced panel was the unbelievably inept, unprofessional and ill-prepared Julia Piscitelli. With video.

One can only assume that the reason Piscitelli keeps getting invited back is because of the awful job she does advocating for Democrats. Either that or she's related to somebody at FOX. In any event, the discussion on last night's (5/14/08) Hannity & Colmes was nearly identical to the last one she took part in, including the pairing with Carpenter. Hannity is probably the most consistent, most predictable talk show host on television but Piscitelli got flummoxed at nearly every question, even though they were, essentially, repeats of the questions he asked her last time.

The excuse for race-baiting Obama this time was the fact that Trumpet Magazine, the magazine of Obama's church, put a photo of Obama, Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan on the same cover. This, by the way, is a far less significant association than Hannity's with the white supremacist, Turner. According to writer Max Blumenthal, Hannity regularly took Turner's calls and repeatedly welcomed his racist comments on the air. The two bonded off the air as well. But someone put Obama's photo on the same page as Farrakhan's and FOX News considered that a connection worth several minutes of prime time television.

The 40ish +Carpenter still talks like she's in the 9th grade and is still using the same vituperous attacks on her fellow Americans I have come to expect from her. Sounding like a child ratting to the principal, she huffed out the nonsensical statement, “It proves the fact that friends of Barack Obama, mainly by the name of Rev. Wright, have been able to make a piece of propaganda representing anti-American things by exploiting the connection between Obama, his church and Farrakhan. And this is a guy who says that he will go abroad and meet with our enemies as a part of his diplomatic platform as president.”

By the way, since Carpenter is so against meeting with our enemies, please ask her why she's not in the military and putting her own tooshie on the same line as her hawkish rhetoric.

Hannity, who obsesses about black racism against whites, deliberately hyped up the flimsy connection between Obama and Farrakhan. “Is Barack Obama hiding radical views? Does America need to be concerned about William Ayers? Rev. Wright? Did he ever meet with Louis Farrakhan? Has anyone asked him?” Hannity grandstanded.

The third guest, conservative Bill Sammon, asserted that Trumpet magazine “is just adding to the perception that Obama hasn't completely come clean about what he knew and when he knew it.” As if this were Watergate.

Hannity said, “Maybe that's why a majority of Democrats yesterday don't think he's honest and trustworthy.”

Hannity had just distorted the truth. It was a majority of Democrats in West Virginia (a state that went for Bush in 2000 and 2004) who had said that in an exit poll on the day of the primary, not a majority of all Democrats, as Hannity implied.

But Piscitelli either didn't catch that or didn't care enough to correct the record.

Hannity continued, “We know that (Obama) met with (William Ayers) as he was beginning his political career. I'd like somebody in the media – and maybe I can get George Stephanopoulos to ask this question, although he'll get in a lot of trouble again – But I'd like him to ask a simple question: have you ever met with Louis Farrakhan? And if you did, I'd like to know the details of it. Why did you go to the Million Man March, knowing that this is a man who has referred to Judaism as a gutter religion and the white man as the skunk of the planet earth?”

Actually, Hannity knows why Obama went to the Million Man March because Hannity's America did a special investigation into Obama's participation in it just a few weeks ago. As Hannity announced on 4/18/08, “We have learned about Obama's attendance from an interview he conducted with the Chicago Reader in 1995… FOX News has learned from the interviewer… that Obama went to the march to quote better understand the movement and wanted to be an observer, rather than a participant." In other words, Obama had expressly distanced himself from Farrakhan even then, long before the 2008 presidential campaign.

Piscitelli was worse than clueless. She began to say that Hannity was making too much of the Trumpet magazine cover but when Hannity barked at her, she lost even the small amount of Democratic spunk she had. She said, “It's fair to ask, it's fair to ask any question. I mean, these questions have been asked of Hillary Clinton before... If you can ask him, I'm sure he'll give you a truthful answer... I'm not a journalist, I can't ask him those questions.”

When Hannity had the nerve to say that the media “never asked (Obama) about Ayers, they never looked into Rev. Wright,” Piscitelli actually said, “Yes.”

In Part 2 of the discussion, the race-obsessed Hannity returned to the subject of Farrakhan. “(Obama) goes to the Million Man March and is on the cover of a magazine with Louis Farrakhan, one of the biggest anti-Semites and racists in American history.”

“Do any of these associations bother you?” Hannity asked.

Piscitelli was once again at a loss, this time even more inexcusably since she had had the break during which she could have gathered her thoughts. Hannity was using the same tactics, the same talking points he has used with her before. This time she came up with, “It's not up to me, it's up to the American people... The way you're framing them, I could see how it could bother some people but I really think it's up to Barack Obama to tell us...”

Hannity started shouting at her and frankly, I would have loved to do the same. Hannity is nowhere near the sharpest tool in the shed but he completely outmaneuvered her. Short of agreeing that Obama is a traitorous black militant, Hannity could not have been more pleased when she responded, “I probably would not be friends with a guy who bombed the Pentagon.”

Finally, Colmes stepped in and made the following points that Piscitelli never found a way to make: “Obama and Ayers) are not friends. They live in the same neighborhood, their kids go to the same school, they sat on the board of the Woods Foundation, so did Republicans by the way. I guess they can never run for president... Amanda, this has not hurt him in the race so far. His numbers keep going up. He does very well. He is resonating with the American public.”

That's when Carpenter played the race card. “I think a lot of this has hurt Barack Obama, especially the ties to the Rev. Wright and then questions about the black church. What this elongated Democratic primary has exposed is Barack Obama's inability to get the white vote and I think this is a direct correlation to the ties to Rev. Wright's church.”

Carpenter added another swipe at African Americans. “I think it's very surprising that (blacks) vote for Barack Obama 90% and up... I don't assume that people vote according to their epidermis,” she said, obviously pleased with her wit.

So it's OK for whites on FOX News to take swipes at African Americans but African Americans are endlessly scrutinized as being possibly bigoted and biased against whites.

We never did hear back from FOX News producers about why they feel it's OK to relentlessly question Obama's associations without addressing Hannity's association with Hal Turner. Here are the email addresses again for those who'd like to contact them.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

And while Hannity was decrying the racism of Farrakhan (and not-so-subtly implying that it was shared by Obama), here's a little glimpse of what his former pal Turner was up to on his website. Feel free to forward this or any other screen grabs to the FNC execs. (By the way, what looks like a YouTube video of the black woman in Atlanta is just a screen grab. You'll have to go to Turner's site if you want to watch it. The two YouTube videos of Hannity & Colmes, below the screen grab, work. Better to stay here and watch those:))