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Cavuto On Bush's "Negotiate With Terrorists" Remarks: Why Would Barack Obama Want to "Have Tea" With Ahmadinejad?

Reported by Melanie - May 15, 2008 -

The first segment today (May 15, 2008) on Fox's "premiere business news" show was about, per the chyron, "Bush Comments Ripped by Dems Here, Applauded in Israel." According to Neil Cavuto, Bush is now a "rock star" in Israel, but Cavuto, feigning confusion, couldn't understand why Democrats "are so upset, but maybe more importantly, why are they so worried" about what Bush said?

No. Of course there was no outrage as there would have been had the tables been turned and a Democratic president said something like this, outside the country no less. No, Cavuto introduced guest, Democratic stragetist Malia Lazu with, "What's the big deal?"

Lazu said that using the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Israel to "misrepresent" something a candidate said who is running in our presidential election was wrong and Bush more appropriately should have talked about peace.

Cavuto looked at Lazu askance and said, "You sound a little touchy." (Comment: Lazu didn't sound "touchy." She was firmly defending Obama. However after watching a segment on America's Election Headquarters, it's clear to me that from here on out Obama defenders who are assertive and clear and don't stop talking every time they're interrupted (which is all the time) will be accused of being "touchy" or, as in the case of HQ, "angry." Bring on a McCain defender and that person will probably be characterized as "enthusiastic.") Cavuto continued: "All he's saying is if you think you can make much progress talking to tyrants, think again." Lazu said that's not what Obama said.

Cavuto, twisting what Obama said out of all recognition continued: "Obviously the Israelis were very receptive to the idea that you don't sit and have tea with Ahamadinejad in Iran, right? Now you're saying that your guy is?" Lazu said Obama talked about being willing to "negotiate with leaders to try to find other ways..." Cavuto, interrupted: "You didn't answer my question. Are you comfortable, is your candidate comfortable...sitting down and talking with Iran's Ahmadinejad at this level? At this point?" Lazu said she is comfortable "with my candidate doing what he needs to do in order to bring peace in a very volatile area." (At one point Cavuto aired video of Bush speaking in Israel and he asked his audience to listen to the applause - as if that was confirmation that it was good and right.)

Cavuto went on to clarify what the president was saying (amazing stuff this Fox "News"), telling Lazu that "what the president was saying...the checkered history with negotiating with nuts hasn't turned out well." (No mention of course of Reagan going to the then-Soviet Union or Nixon to China or of Robert Gates saying just yesterday that we should "sit down and talk" with Iran.) Lazu, fighting to get a word in edgewise, said Obama didn't say he wants to "sit and negotiate with terrorists." He wants to "try to find a solution. We're talking about nuclear war here Neil."

Oops. Bingo for Lazu so time for Cavuto to change course: "I think you guys are getting a little worried here because the Jewish vote which used to be a lock is very concerned about your prospective nominee that he and Jimmy Carter are very close to each other. Jimmy Carter met with Hamas. Jewish voters are not a lock for you guys anymore." (Oh, and they are for Republicans?)

By now the chyron had changed to: "Clash Over 'Appeasing' Terrorists Exposing Weakness for Obama?"

Lazu got in the last word, saying that she thinks domestically "Jewish voters and Obama get along " and "internationally, Jewish voters are not going to be hokeydonked into thinking that smoking Iran is going to bring them peace."

Comment: GOP talking points memos have obviously been burning up the inboxes at Fox. Make Democrats look "touchy" and/or "angry" when they react strongly to Bush's outrageous comment. Paint Obama as inexperienced, a dreamer or just plain out of it if he thinks you can "have tea" with "nuts." And insinuate that a whole group of people - Jews - are turning away from Obama. And it's only May. (Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb bomb Iran.)