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FOX News Now Trying To Paint Obama As Hamas Supporter

Reported by Ellen - May 13, 2008 -

Now that the Rev. Wright story seems to have run its course along with Bill Ayers, FOX News has cooked up another bogus attack on Barack Obama. This time the “fair and balanced” network is trying to portray Obama as a terrorism enabler and Hamas sympathizer. With video.

Hannity & Colmes spent half its show last night (5/12/08) attacking Obama for various reasons. In the third segment, Karl Rove, still unidentified as a John McCain advisor, was the only guest to analyze the purported significance of the resignation of an Obama aide who, it had been disclosed, had met with Hamas. There was no spokesman for Obama, leaving Rove free to smear away at Obama.

Two of McCain's advisors just resigned for similar reasons – they had ties to the military junta in Burma. But, apparently, the only time to discuss that on the “fair and balanced” program was when Alan Colmes brought it up in the context of Obama.

Meanwhile, Rove endeavored in his dull but mean-spirited way to connect Obama to Hamas. Despite the fact that the aide is gone from the Obama campaign, Rove tried to spin Obama's diplomatic platform advocating a meeting with Syria as a meeting with Hamas.

Colmes said, “Look, Brent Scowcroft and James Baker, advisors to Bush 41, have said 'We should talk to our enemies.' Are they wrong?”

Rove didn't answer directly. Instead, he said, “Well, look. We talk to our enemies all of the time. The question is whether you should take the prestige of the office of the presidency and squander it in a propaganda coup.”

If you ask me, an advisor to the most unpopular president in modern U.S. History, a president who started an equally unpopular war on faulty information, is in no position to be lecturing anyone else about squandering “the prestige of the office of the presidency.”

Rove went on to make the dubious distinction that neither Baker nor Scowcroft had said the president should directly negotiate without preconditions. In fact, while Baker may not have said the president should directly negotiate without preconditions, he did say, “I believe in talking to your enemies... It's got to be hard-nosed, it's got to be determined. You don't give away anything, but in my view, it's not appeasement to talk to your enemies.” He also noted that he made 15 trips to Damascus, the capital of Syria, when he served as George H.W. Bush's secretary of state. How many has Condoleezza Rice made?

Colmes then brought up McCain. “Should we give honorable mention to Doug Goodyear, who was the McCain appointee to run the GOP convention, who had to resign over the weekend when Newsweek revealed he had been a lobbyist who was advising and doing work for the government of Burma and I don't see the same opprobrium from those on the right about McCain's very first appointee.”

Unlike Obama's aide, the McCain aides had ties to firms that represented the junta. But Rove ducked that inconvenient truth and nobody pressed him further. “You're missing the point,” he said, then moved the subject back to Obama-bashing. “It highlights a weakness of Senator Obama which is his inexperience in international affairs.” As if George W. Bush, when he first ran for president, had any more experience than Obama.

Then it was Hannity's turn. With his usual contempt for truth and facts, he immediately distorted Obama's position. “And maybe (Obama will) invade an ally like Pakistan and potentially create a theocracy with nuclear weapons. That's even more frightening.”

In fact, Hannity knows or ought to know that Obama never advocated invading Pakistan.

Rove ought to know better, too. But he nevertheless told Hannity, “You're right about Pakistan... But you remember, also, he said he had more experience in international affairs than either Senator Clinton or Senator McCain and he cited as this that he had grown up and spent time as a child in a foreign country and he had visited Pakistan while he was a college student.”

That was a distortion, too. What Obama actually said is that he knows and understands the world better and that he has demonstrated better judgment about it.