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FOX and Joe Leiberman Praise and Defend John Hagee

Reported by Deborah - May 13, 2008 -

Today on Fox Election HQ Megan Kelly reported that John Hagee apologized to Catholics calling the apology a "reconciliation" with Catholics and praising the act as "laudible" Joe Leiberman followed and not only defended Hagee but used it to smear Obama and lure uninformed Jewish voters. 5/13/08

Megan Kelly's report did not include a detailed account or video montage of John Hagee's past comments. Kelly mentioned that Hagee called the Catholic Church " the great whore" but quickly added that William Donahue accepted the apology describing it as a "reconciliation". Viewers did get a clip of McCain saying the apology was " helpful".

Then Kelly put up a comment from the DNC.

"Now that Reverend Hagee is apologizing for his anti-Catholic comments, does John McCain think that Hagee should also apologize for his other comments? If so will he have the courage to say so publicly?" asked DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney "Unless John McCain's idea of being a new kind of Republican includes cozying up to radicals who compare women to dogs, hold racially insensitive fundraisers and call one of the worst natural disasters in our country's history God's punishment, he should renounce John Hagee's endorsement immediately. Given John McCain's history of putting political calculations ahead of his principles, we're not holding our breath."

Joe Leiberman followed saying, " The DNC is doing this in response to Reverend Wright." Leiberman claimed it's " not fair" noting that McCain never went to Hagee's Church.Then Leiberman framed Hagee as a great advocate for Israel saying he represents a large group involved with Christians United for Israel..
He praised Hagee saying he deserves credit for apologizing noting that Wright "never apologized".

Joe Leiberman does not speak for the majority of Jewish-Americans who do not appreciate John Hagee's twisted support of Israel. Here is a look at their objections on the website JewsOnFirst.

FOX didn't give their viewers an opportunity to hear what McCain's endorsing Pastor John Hagee has been spewing from his pulpit and nothing about McCain's "spiritual guide" Rod Parsley.