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Fox and Friends Give Out Pointers For McCain To Beat Obama, But No Pointers For Obama To Beat McCain

Reported by Donna - May 12, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they did a segment on pointers McCain could use to beat Obama. They made no mention of pointers for Obama to beat McCain, but that's what you call fair and balanced on Fox.

Update made.

Number 1 was don't paint Barack into a false Messiah. (What exactly are they afraid of?)

Number 2 was to go back to straight talking, to win referees.

Number 3 was get into town halls with Obama. (Comment, yeah, right) This is the update - this is how the wording went. Chris Wallace was not included in this. My apologies for this mistake.

Number 4 was stay on the high road. (Comment: Because he's already drudged up some low road already and Obama probably won't have the opportunity untill (if) he's declared the Democratic candidate. Can't have it both ways)

Number 5 was to make his age about experience. (Comment: Apparently they're worried about this)

Comment: They said they had a couple of more they would get into later but it must have been after the 6 - 8 am est time that I monitor, if at all.

Comment: Notice how it's a 'how can be beat them' mentality? Apparently John McCain has some weaknesses and we thank Fox for bringing them to us. Now Obama knows what he shouldn't do and how McCain is going to come after him.

As an aside, I noticed that Fox was using another saying besides 'fair and balanced.' They used 'most watched and most trusted' news organization. I've heard CNN say 'most trusted' before -- are Fox stealing CNN's sayings?