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Rove non-answers why FOX doesn't disclose his tie to McCain campaign

Reported by Chrish - May 8, 2008 -

News Hounds has noted frequently that Karl Rove may have a conflict of interest, being both an (unpaid) adviser to the McCain campaign and a FOX News political analyst. TVNewser reports on a few Q&As with Karl Rove yesterday, including addressing that very issue.

"Why does Fox network fail to mention your relationship as an adviser to the McCain campaign?" the questioner asks.

Rove's answer: "I'm not certain that I qualify as an adviser to McCain. I have friends at the campaign who occasionally ask me for reactions, and the Fox network is well aware of that, and similar contacts by some of their Democratic analysts."

The same questioner observantly picked up something else from last night's coverage; when asked why he wasn't wearing his wedding ring last night, Rove said, "When I left my house I accidentally left my ring in the shower."

He wasn't wearing it tonight, either, on the O'Reilly Factor. Huh.


There's that darn moral relativism again... 'Democrats do it too!" I'm wondering to whom he is referring, whose ties to a Democrat's campaign are not noted on FOX.