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Fox and Friends Says One Person Released From GITMO Blows Up Himself And Seven People - Isn't This The Reason To Keep GITMO Open?

Reported by Donna - May 7, 2008 -

On Fox and Friends today they spoke about GITMO and one of the prisoners who was released who went back to his home country and blew himself and killed 7 people. Gretchen Carlson interviewed Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis, Fox Military Contributor for the segment.

They spoke about how prisoners are released (420) to date and returned to their home country, which for some of them is Syria and they get out on bail and commit these heinous crimes. The question was if this would stop the critics from wanting GITMO closed?

Maginnis says this happens way too much. (Comment: How much? What number of the 420 released have gone on to become soldiers in Iraq?) This is the only example of someone coming out and becoming a suicide bomber and killing people, so I'd like to know the statistics. He also stated that this will not stop the critics but if they move them, he would like to see them brought to the U.S.

Comment: Fox does this frequently. They gave the man's name, but not the time frame in which this happened. This could have happened a long time ago. And one out of 420? Give us the names and dates of all these other ones who are doing this, I haven't heard about them.

This is fear mongoring and viewer terrorizing that Fox likes to put out there so that we can see that these are really evil people. I'd say if it's only one or a few, they've errored on hundreds of cases in GITMO. Sounds like to me a lot of innocent people were sent home and that's the case that can be made for this story.