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Bill O'Reilly Tired Of Talking About Jeremiah Wright

Reported by Deborah - May 5, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly told Kinky Freidman and Juan Williams that he's tired of the Wright story. This sudden Wright fatigue didn't stop him from mentioning the New York Post story about Wright stealing the wife of a church member. He even held up the front page so viewers could catch the headline and photo. Juan Williams, however, not at all tired of the Wright story, hit Obama harder than ever. 5/5/08

The segment opened with a clip of Howard Dean telling Chris Wallace he objected to the Wright coverage because it had nothing to do with the campaign and was like the Willy Horton smear of Dukakis.

Juan Williams was not about to give Obama any slack. He complained that CNN declared the network a "Wright Free Zone" commenting, " Hear no evil, see no evil. speak no Wright even when it's wrong." ( what a clever guy!) Williams called Wright a " self inflicted wound" on Obama adding that it would not wind down and keep getting worse during the general election even if Howard Dean gets it off the table now.

Kinky Freidman said it was a long way from Martin Luther King who never promoted hate. He claimed the situation was a case of " Black on Black crime" noting that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright don't want Obama to win because then they won't be needed.

O'Reilly, preoccupied with future interview plans, didn't respond to his guests. BOR said he had two "pithy" comments for Obama ,if he finds the time to come on, and went on to bash Tim Russert's interview with Obama on Meet the Press yesterday calling it a "total waste of time and not interesting". Then, in full courting Obama mode, BOR said although he hates to agree with Howard Dean, it's time to move on to something else.

The segment ended with Juan Williams proving he's no gentleman by asking O'Reilly if Hillary Clinton is really "dishonest and deceitful" like people claim. O'Reilly quipped, " I left with my wallet in tact." However he didn't scold Williams for his rudeness.

comment: Let's see if O'Reilly really stops talking about Wright. He told Clinton during the interview that Wright made his ratings " go through the roof". So it seems the resolution about Wright has something to do with getting Obama on the show. Since Russert spent 20 minutes on Wright yesterday, maybe BOR figures Obama will find a Wright free interview more attractive.

It's important to remember that although O'Reilly keeps his own hands clean and says all the right things, he's still getting the negative Obama message out there one way or another.