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FOX Gushes Triumphantly Over Their Fair and Balanced Network

Reported by Deborah - May 3, 2008 -

Griff Jenkins gushed triumphantly today, 5/3/08, over the appearances of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on FNC using them to diminish Democrats, discredit progressive bloggers while promoting their network. Chris Wallace joined him to plug his scheduled interview with Howard Dean tomorrow and promote the idea that Democrats are realizing that FOX treats them fairly. The gloat session was followed with a clip of O'Reilly telling Hillary Clinton that she was less likable than Obama.

Griff Jenkins reported that Obama and Clinton were getting some heat from left wing bloggers who urged a boycott of FOX News noting that " John Edwards was the first to cave."

Chris Wallace gloated, " Republicans have no problems going on MSNBC despite the one sided attacks on President Bush but Democrats are afraid. Wallace complained, " It's frustrating for me and foolish for them" claiming that FOX's audience are " voters in the center" which the the candidates need to reach.

Barack Obama , they said, had no comment. However,Phil Singer from Clinton's campaign told FOX , "Hillary is in the business of reaching out 100% of the time" There was no explanation of why they promoted Clinton's interview with O'Reilly so aggressively while totally ignoring Barack Obama's preventing him from connecting with those " voters in the center".

Jenkins stated that a spokesman from Openleft.com refused to come showing their written refusal which referred to FOX as a "propaganda" network. Of course, this was met with disbelief and a plug for their fair & balanced approach that can only help Democrats.

This big gush was followed by yet another repeat of the part of O'Reilly's interview where he tells Hillary Clinton that the race with Obama is about "personality" and Obama is "a nice guy" while she's " polarizing". (Translation: Obama is likable and you're not)

This was a plug for a full repeat of the O'Reilly/Clinton interview but no mention of a repeat of the Wallace/Obama interview which was essentially ignored by the network after it aired. It seems that only Clinton gets the chance to reach the potential voters watching fair and balanced FOX News.