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O'Reilly's Shining Finale: O'Reilly vs Clinton Part 2

Reported by Deborah - May 2, 2008 -

" The interview the whole world is talking about" was modest BOR's intro to the last part of his interview with Hillary Clinton. Tonight he discussed the issues close to his heart like the great value of water boarding and the wonderful job President Bush has done protecting us since 9/11. Tonight he was relaxed enough to talk over her, cut her off in mid sentence and use the word "bull". However, she hardly noticed and met his tough with tougher. with video

O'Reilly wanted to know why she didn't like water boarding. He's convinced that it's actually and effective tool and likes to call it a " dunk in the water". He knows it works because George Tenet told him so but Hillary claimed she talked to the interrogators who were there in the room doing it. She stood firm about it's ineffectiveness and reminded Bill that none of the candidates advocate torture, a word Bill likes to avoid. BOR wasn't deterred and claimed all he wanted was executive privilege allowing the President to authorize it in special cases. He missed Clinton's point that none of the candidates would even authorize it in any circumstances.

Wanting to show his expertise on Afghanistan since he was their for 48 hours , he challenged her about the location of Taliban operations. She said the mountainous border so BOR had his gotcha moment allowing him to lecture her on military strategy. It didn't seem to bother her one bit as she easily offered her own ideas on the issue and O'Reilly knew his expert act would only go so far.

Before the interview aired he made a big deal about Clinton's answers on immigration as if her opinion was opposite to his and would shock viewers. It turned out tobe pure spin as you'll see when you watch the video.

We all know that this interview is far from over. O'Reilly will be showing clips of it constantly in the next week asking everybody he meets for some feedback and praise. It seems that Clinton's interview won't end up in the trash heap like Barack Obama's with Chris Wallace did. FOX has already started their spin today even before the whole thing aired. The bash will officially begin tomorrow but I'm sure Hillary Clinton expects it and couldn't care less.