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O'Reilly back to smearing Wright (Obama), slings dishonest mud at Al Franken

Reported by Chrish - May 2, 2008 -

In his Talking Points Memo Thursday night 5/1/08 Bill O'Reilly was back to his normal business of smearing Jeremiah Wright and, by extension, bringing down Barack Obama. As an added bonus he threw in some slanderous hate speech about Al Franken, who had the temerity to call him out on his "misstatements" that he (O'Reilly) won a Peabody Award.
With video.

O'Reilly ironically titled his article "Honesty in the Public Arena," or "Dare to be true." LOL!

He immediately continued with labeling the Reverend "not an honest man," anti-American and anti-white, and pretended to be offended that Wright has profited from his fiery preaching. (Note to O'Reilly: not all religions take a "vow of poverty," and let's not forget the sumptuous circumstances of your Pope, Reverend Sun Yung Moon (pal to the Bushes), Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, ad infinitum. Why stop with Wright? Oh, yeah.) It's just killing him that Wright will soon be moving into a multi-million dollar home (bigger than his) and now The Factor has learned Wright drives two Mercedes. (At once?) And the church he led for thirty years, built really, has access to "an astounding" $10 million line of credit.

As Dick Cheney would say, "So?"

O'Reilly concluded that while Wright preaches that black people are getting hosed, he lives large, and that's dishonest.

But "far worse" is Al Franken's tax deal, said with all the disapproval he could muster. According to BOR, Franken is "apparently a tax cheat." He claims two states, NY and CA, have publicly proclaimed Franken a scofflaw (picture trumpets and a scroll) and he owes a "whopping" seventy- - thousand - -dollars in back taxes. Even the "ultra-liberal" Minneapolis Star Tribune has slammed Franken.

The MST article "slamming" Franken states

"The revelation was not the confession of a tax cheat -- GOP spinners' best attempts to suggest otherwise notwithstanding. People trying to avoid paying taxes don't do so by paying them to the wrong state. No evidence of tax evasion has surfaced."

As was explained by local Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO, Franken's accountant failed to instruct him to pay taxes to the states where Franken spoke or performed over five years, instead paying all taxes at home. They report

"Every time Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez plays the Minnesota Twins at the Metrodome, he leaves a little something behind.

It's TRUE.

Visiting athletes pay income tax to the state of Minnesota every time they play in a game here. So do rock bands on tour, and actors and celebrity speakers.

That's why Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken has gotten into trouble.


Is that Franken, the actor, writer and comedian, was paid millions of dollars for speaking in 19 states since 2003.

However, Franken said his accountant didn't tell him and his wife that he had to pay taxes in every one of those places.

"Our accountant made a mistake," said Franken. "And Franni and I relied on our accountant and he made a mistake. And I am fixing it and making it right ."


Franken said he overpaid taxes where he lived at the time -- in Minnesota and New York, and he underpaid his taxes in the 17 other states where he earned money."

Since Franken brought O'Reilly's, um, proclivities to the attention of the American people O'Reilly has been on a campaign of destruction and will no doubt continue the occassional smear and/or lie to hurt Franken's chance of winning a US Senate seat, which O'Reilly says is largely financed by farleft zealots (read: outspoken liberals) like Rosie O'Donnell and Phil Donahue. They don't care about Franken's taxes; they just want to raise (points) yours.

As we saw in his interview with Hillary Clinton, O'Reilly's main concern is how much HIS taxes will be raised. He doesn't care about the schmoes watching him (unless he has some demographic information that says his audience is made up of people that make over $250,000 a year) and he is misrepresenting Democrats' proposals to end tax cuts for the wealthy.

O'Reilly states that Franken has been dishonest his entire working life and if you don't believe him, check out page 97 of Culture Warrior! LOL! Who's the comedian? (And who's dishonest?)

After this little rant of misinformation, he then had the nerve to say enough is enough with dishonesty! Unbelievable.