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Fox and Friends Should Change Their Name To 'The Rev Wright' Show

Reported by Donna - April 30, 2008 -

The closer we get to the election the more Republicans we see on Fox and Friends and the more Democratic bashing goes on. Frankly, it's getting boring, talking about Reverend Wright everyday, the former pastor of Barack Obama.

Barack has already disavowed Wright's words -- the end.

But no, Fox and Friends continues to have a number of Republicans (sometimes under the pretext of talking about Republicans and inevitably, Wright comes up. Even after Barack renounced Wright, Carlson said it should have been done months ago. They wanted to know if tax dollars had paid for and if he should be crucified in the country for saying 'God damn America?'

Fox said maybe they were giving too much credit to Wright but it was too much fun.

Brent Bozell said that this could be Wright getting back at Barack because Barack used him and his church to give himself credence as an African American because he was from Hawaii and went to Harvard. (Comment: Since when does living in Hawaii and going to Harvard keep you from being African American?)

Whenever they have a clip from a late night show, Stephen Colbert, Conan or Jay Leno it is mostly always making fun of Democrats.

They also had Ari Fleisher on to say that this Wright business will go on until September, so they are basically swiftboating Barack. Ari said right now, Wright and Barack help McCain.

They also had on Newt Gingrich to promote his new book and he also got into the Wright story. He said this would last for another 2 weeks. He also went on about what a great man McCain is.

To top it off they had Kelsey Grammer on to promote his new show. Then they asked Kelsey who he was voting for and Kelsey said John McCain and said he was one of about 6 or 7 Hollywood people who were Republicans.

Comments: So, as you can see, the whole show was practically about Rev. Wright and Barack Obama. They had all these Republicans on to talk about Wright and even found an entertainer to talk about him.

This is fair and balanced? I don't think so. Frankly, I think people are getting tired of the Wright story and Fox needs to do somehting to make itself fair and balanced and get out of the Democratic bashing business.