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Bill O'Reilly Interviews Hillary Clinton

Reported by Deborah - April 30, 2008 -

FOX News was in a tizzy today hyping Bill O'Reilly's interview with Hillary Clinton tonight. In fact, Shepard Smith even had a little countdown box in the corner of his screen ticking off the minutes to the great confrontation. O'Reilly paid a visit to American Election HQ at 5PM assuring viewers that he was going to be tough on Hillary and bragging that he asked "obnoxious questions". O'Reilly was tough and obnoxious,as promised, but Hillary Clinton was ready for him. with video

O'Reilly made sure viewers knew that the Clinton Campaign called him on short notice requiring him to travel to Indiana for the interview. This suggested that Hillary Clinton needed him immediatly to get more votes in the upcoming primary.

The interview opened with questions about Jeremiah Wright which was no surprise."Do you believe this guy?" he boomed. When Clinton told him she would let voters decide, he kept pushing until she criticized Wrights comments calling them "offensive and outrageous" That still wasn't enough for BOR and he pushed again claiming he couldn't understand people "applauding" Wright.

At this point Clinton tried to redirect O'Reilly telling him the people she meets want to talk about issues that affect their lives. Then BOR exposed his motives by telling her that the Wright story put his " ratings through the roof'.

Then O'Reilly attempted to paint Obama as a diminished victim claiming he felt sorry for him because his entire campaign had been " derailed" by Wright calling him a"loon". He wanted to know if Clinton felt sorry for Obama too but she didn't take the bait.

When O'Reilly finally got to the issues, he made sure each question was framed as an attack on either her ideology or her husband's record. On the energy issue he said "Al Gore, Mr. global warming" and Bill Clinton "did bubkes" about the problem in eight years. He accused her of creating the problems by voting against ANWR and nuclear energy.

When he discussed her plans for tax hikes for people making over $250,000, he made sure to note how much money Bill Clinton had recently earned. Then he threw out the labels like socialism, income redistribution, and Robin Hood while Clinton stood firm in her belief that the wealthiest Americans should contribute more than the middle class.

It seemed no matter how hard he tried, BOR couldn't get Clinton on the defensive. When he insisted that her health care plan would bankrupt us and could never be run efficiently, he wanted to know if " Moses was going to come down" to help her. Hillary was quick saying that maybe he would and referred to what would be written " on those tablets."

The fine line between obnoxious and mean was crossed when he asked her about people liking Obama more because she was "a polarizing figure". ( translation: bitch?) She seemed a little miffed but handled it well.O'Reilly seemed to slip into a second of bonding claiming that the two of them were similar unlike Obama who was "a nice guy" ( translation: weak loser?)

The wrap up was priceless. BOR asked if she was surprised that FOX News had been so fair to her. One could just imagine her flashing on the hundreds or thousands of hours spent on FOX ripping her family to shreds in the last 10 years. (Our archives are overflowing with Clinton bashing.) Fortunately she was able to contain her laughter long enough to come out with the perfect answer which must be seen to be appreciated.


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