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Neil Cavuto: "I Guarantee" That Rev. Jeremiah Wright Will be "The Gift that Keeps Giving"

Reported by Melanie - April 28, 2008 -

Roughly eight minutes into his "business news" show today (April 28, 2008), Neil Cavuto hosted Princella Smith of AmericanSolutions.com and Liz Chatterdon, a Democratic strategist. The topic of discussion was everything Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Is it fair for John McCain to attack Barack Obama using Wright; Obama strikes back over Wright; will Wright be an issue throughout the campaign? Toward the end, Cavuto said this to Smith: "Princella, let me raise with you this idea that Reverend Wright, at least if you're the opposition, is the gift that keeps giving. Will he be?"

(With video.)

Smith said, "Oh, yes, absolutely." She said she grew up in a black church but never heard "a minister curse from the pulpit", or say "GD America or any of the other things." She said Wright is being "selfish," and "yes, absolutely Neil," it "is going to hurt Barack Obama in the general election, if he's the nominee."

Chatterdon agreed but said "we'd rather" have this "come out now" instead of in October but "by the time we get there it'll be old news."

Cavuto wrapped with: "Well, it'll keep giving, I guarantee you that."

Here's video:

Comment: Cavuto spilled the beans in that one short sentence. As a spokesman for "the opposition," he just told the world what Fox has planned; what "the opposition's" strategy is. It wants to destroy Barack Obama (what a fool he was to go on Chris Wallace's show yesterday) because "the opposition" knows that John McCain won't unify Republicans but the drive to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House will. They want her to be the nominee so bad they can taste it. So expect Reverend Wright to dominate the discussion until Barack Obama goes away, one way or another.