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Julia Piscitelli: Worst FOX News Democrat. Ever.

Reported by Ellen - April 25, 2008 -

How bad was she? On the 4/23/08 edition of Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes had to waste part of his air time discrediting her. "What are you talking about?" he eventually asked her, prompting her to immediately flip-flop. With video.

Sean Hannity falsely said in his opening question that on September 11, former Weather Underground radical William Ayers said, "I don't regret bombing the Pentagon, the Capital, New York City police headquarters. We didn't do enough." In reality, Ayers did not say that on September 11. He was quoted in the New York Times (printed before the terrorist attacks) that day.

In his endless zeal to smear his fellow Americans (while pretending HE'S the patriotic one), Hannity continued by ignoring the fact that the Ayers is now an upstanding citizen whose radical acts occurred more than 40 years ago, when Obama was a child. (This is in marked contrast to Hannity's own friendly relationship with Neo-Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner whose racist rants Hannity welcomed on the air.) "Why would you be friendly with an unrepentant terrorist?" Hannity asked.

Carpenter, another Republican with a squeaky "I'm still in high school" voice and a not-so-conservative plunge neckline, said, "It speaks to the kind of circles that Barack Obama has been travelling in... It's a pattern of this very elitist, scholarly anti-Americanism that we should be concerned about."

Piscitelli sat there, smiling, without any rebuttal. She remained silent, still grinning, while Hannity Hanctimoniously ranted and then, finally, asked, "Why would you be friendly with such a person, a terrorist, unrepentant?"

As Politico reported about Ayers and Obama, "There’s no evidence their relationship is more than the casual friendship of two men who occupy overlapping Chicago political circles and who served together on the board of a Chicago foundation."

Instead of presenting that information, Piscitelli foolishly answered, "I am not friendly with any terrorists, as far as I know." But, as Hannity railed that Obama is, she responded, "Yes." She continued with words that could not have made Hannity happier. "This goes to the company you keep. And with someone like Barack Obama who we did not know that much about, it IS of concern, particularly what, you know, that he was part of Barack Obama's coming out. But I don't think that he's necessarily spending a lot of time with him."

Colmes snapped with impatience as he said, "Julia, wait a second, I'm a Democrat, too. And I'm a Hillary supporter but I don't understand why it's not clear that they don't endorse any of the same positions... You can't show me any evidence that Bill Ayers and Barack Obama agree on anything... So what are you talking about?"

Piscitelli now said, "That's the whole point, is that he hasn't endorsed Barack Obama. He and Barack Obama don't spend time together... It really does not mean that there's a causal link between how Barack Obama feels about this country."

Colmes then turned to Carpenter. "Can you show me any evidence that anything Barack Obama believes is anything Bill Ayers believes? Or vice versa?"

Predictably, Carpenter dodged the question in favor of further smearing an American. "This is an important point to make," she squeaked as Colmes pressed her to answer his question. "If Obama was elected president, would a guy like William Ayers be invited to a White House dinner, a guy that has wanted to bomb federal buildings?" The microphone on her low-cut top looked heavy enough to cause a wardrobe malfunction at any moment.

Piscitelli sat quietly smirking while Colmes continued to do her job for her. He asked Carpenter, "Do they share any of the same policy ideas? Do they stand for any of the same things? Do you have any evidence of that?"

Of course, Carpenter did not. She said that the question of Ayers being invited to the White House was "something everybody should be concerned about."

"And by the way," Colmes continued, after pointing out that the connection between Ayers and Obama was actually quite flimsy. "This is not hurting Barack Obama. Hillary did well yesterday in Pennsylvania... (Obama) continues the national lead, continues to be the likely nominee at this point."

Carpenter couldn't wait to continue attacking a fellow American, a man who has devoted himself to public service, for partisan gain. Giggling, she interrupted Colmes to squeal, "This is in the Democratic side. When they get to the general election, this stuff will catch up, I bet."

Finally, Piscitelli had something - albeit useless - to say. "Absolutely not."

By the way, if Amanda Carpenter is so worried about undesirables being invited places, perhaps she should ask Hannity why he invited Neo-Nazi/Hal Turner to the set of Hannity & Colmes. You can contact her here.

You can remind Hannity of his own guilt-by-association hypocrisy by contacting him at [email protected]. You can give props to Colmes at [email protected].