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Outrageous Quote of the Week 4/12/08

Reported by Chrish - April 13, 2008 -

Readers chose Rupert Murdoch's ludicrous claim as last week's most outrageous: "It's very hard to be neutral. People laugh at us because we call ourselves 'Fair and Balanced.' Fact is, CNN, who's always been extremely liberal, never had a Republican or conservative voice on it. The only difference is that we have equal voices on both sides but that seems to have upset a lot of liberals. ... The more voices the better." This week's choices, after the jump, are culled from the O'Reilly Factor/Hypocrite Hour.

Option A: "This, ladies and gentlemen, is ultra dangerous. Most Americans have no idea who Soros or Brock are. They will only know what they see on TV, smear stuff against McCain. And the pipeline extends directly to NBC News, which will publicize every piece of slime Brock can create. Only one word describes this: despicable."
"Also, Politico and others are reporting that Obama has an association with two former far-left radicals, William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. They are members of the Weather Underground, a violent 1960s protest group." Bill O'Reilly, pipelining Politico innuendo on The Hypocrite Hour, 4/10/08

Option B: "Well, I think we are promoting a homosexual lifestyle, and I fear for the long-term consequences for children. You know, just this week a report came out that said using cell phones is more dangerous than smoking, but the effects are very long term. If there's going to be a brain tumor, it might not be discovered for 10 years.

And I kind of look at this in the same way, because children do form their sexual identities from their same-sex parents. And what's going on here is basically teaching children that there's no difference between a heterosexual marriage and a homosexual marriage." Mark Rudov, The O'Reilly factor, 4/7/08

Option C: "The loons on the left and many in the corrupt media are lying to you! There is danger ahead. Running away from it will hurt you and your family." Bill O'Reilly not-so-subtly endorsing John McCain's plans to stay in Iraq indefinitely, O'Reilly Factor 4/8/08

Option D: O'REILLY: "But this man Brock, you're not friends with him anymore, are you?"

INGRAHAM: "No, we're not the best of friends anymore."

O'REILLY: "OK, all right, because he is a vile assassin, character assassin, who will say and do anything to hurt people with whom he disagrees. And I don't think you would hang around with somebody like that." Bill O'Reilly hanging around with Laura Ingraham, The Hypocrite Hour, 4/9/08

Option E: "But I want to advance the story a little bit more, because MoveOn is raising hundreds of millions of dollars for Barack Obama, OK. Who controls MoveOn? George Soros. That, to me, is the most frightening thing I have ever seen in American politics, Laura." Bill O'Reilly, "advancing the story," (lying, twice in one sentence), O'Reilly Factor 4/9/08