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Julia Piscitelli: The Latest Disgraceful Democrat On FOX News

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2008 -

Just when I think I’ve seen every awful Democratic spokesperson known to mankind, along comes a new one. Last night (4/11/08), Julia Piscitelli spent more time praising Republicans than advocating for Democrats, criticizing Democrats more than she advocated for them, overlooking Sean Hannity’s distortion of remarks by Michelle Obama and forgetting any differences with John McCain until Alan Colmes brought them up. Did FOX News spike Piscitelli's coffee? Or was she so ridiculously naïve and unfamiliar with her milieu that she was woefully ill-prepared for her appearance? I report, you decide. With video.

Piscitelli was outnumbered two to one with conservatives on her political panel. It’s a common occurrence on Hannity & Colmes so she should have been ready to do twice the work. Instead, she put in a half-hearted effort that must have warmed the hearts of FOX News producers. Unfortunately for her, I did not get the impression that was her goal.

In Part One, Colmes opened the segment by offering Piscitelli a chance to speak up on behalf of Obama regarding the "FOX News Alert" about his supposed insult to rural Americans. But Piscitelli did not defend Obama. She failed to point out that FOX News keeps harping on him disproportionately to any criticism of John McCain. She also declined the opportunity to highlight the issues of importance of voters. Instead, Piscitelli said, “I’m hoping it’s not his macaca moment but…”

Fortunately for Piscitelli, Colmes did her job for her during most of the discussion. However, he could not participate when it was Hannity’s turn with her. Piscitelli either didn’t notice or didn’t think it worth remarking that Hannity distorted Michelle Obama’s comment, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country” by saying, “(Obama had) never been proud of her country.”

Even worse, when Hannity played a clip of John McCain’s wife, Cindy, discussing and rebutting the New York Times article linking him to a female lobbyist, Piscitelli wasted all of her unfairly allotted air time by gushing over Cindy McCain.

It wasn’t until Colmes mentioned that “the real story” about McCain was his ties to lobbyists that Piscitelli finally seemed to realize that this might be something worth discussing and she began to elaborate.