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Cavuto's Outraged About "Cross Dressing" Children But Not "Cross Dressing" Wal-Mart Executives

Reported by Melanie - April 10, 2008 -

Yesterday morning, the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal broke a story titled: "Candid Camera: Trove of Videos Vexes Wal-Mart." It details how for almost 30 years Wal-Mart employed a Kansas video company, Flagler Productions, Inc., "to capture footage of its top executives, sometimes in unguarded moments. Two years ago, the retailing giant stopped using the tiny company. ... In recent months, Flagler has opened its trove of some 15,000 Wal-Mart tapes to the outside world, with an eye toward selling clips."

Included in Flagler's Wal-Mart video library are clips of, "male managers in drag [leading] thousands of co-workers in the company's corporate cheer."

Meanwhile, on Monday, Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" anchor, aired a segment during which he and his guest, Vick Eliason, identified as an "Internet evangelist" from the Voice of Christian Youth, shook their collective heads for two or three minutes, aghast at the annual tradition of an elementary school in Reedsburg, Wisconsin — celebrating what they call "Wacky Week" — during the last day of which the kids are allowed to dress as a senior citizen or a member of the opposite sex. Apparently, about half of the students who took part in "Wacky Week" last week, dressed "as granny and gramps." But that wasn't the point of the segment — "cross dressing" was.

Comment: Given Cavuto's outrage over "cross dressing," I have been waiting for two days (April 10, 2008) for him to air a segment expressing his outrage at "cross dressing" Wal-Mart executives. But, alas, Cavuto's (and Fox's) outrage was all for show. They don't really care about cross dressers. They care to subliminally smear "liberal" teachers and "liberal" schools and "liberal" adults who are supposedly tainting the minds of pure, innocent, virginal children, shoving them down the path toward damnation. You know, it's about everything that's wrong with our society!

Cavuto's a big supporter of Wal-Mart. He won't say a word about the cross dressers there.