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Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly Flirt and Dish The Dirt on Obama

Reported by Deborah - April 9, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly, playing it cool and confident, visited FOX's American Election HQ, 4/9/08, to dish the daily campaign dirt with his girl Megyn Kelly. They were oh so cute together with Bill teasing her about her skin tight leopard dress and calling her "Little Bo Peep" claiming she was too gullible about Obama and Wright. In between the giggles and flirts, they managed to keep the story fresh focusing their routine on the recent Lanny Davis article in the Wall Street Journal about Obama.

Lanny Davis appeared earlier in the show and said Obama should tell voters why he stayed in his church. He claimed he was compelled to write about this in the Wall Street Journal because it still bothered him and it would come up in the general election.

Bill O'Reilly showed up to sit in what they called the " hot seat" in order to rub it in a little more. Kelly asked him what he thought about Davis' article. He claimed it was a " bogus point".

" No way he can answer. He was there for twenty years. Twenty years! If you're Barack Obama, you can't answer that question. Everybody in Chicago knows he's a nut.... " He built his career in the South Side. His power base started here."

When O'Reilly said Jeremiah Wright was an interesting guy who he would have dinner with, Kelly acted shocked reminding him of Wright's sermon about America and " chickens come home to roost" O'Reilly feeling frisky quipped, " We'll have chicken. We'll have steak."

When Kelly came off like she was shocked that Obama might have known about Wright's comments all along, O'Reilly called her ' Little Bo Peep" calling out to Bill Hemmer " Hemmer get the sheep in here".

When the prospect of Obama coming on The Factor came up, O'Reilly claimed he wouldn't ask Obama about it because he was more interested in asking him about the terrorism and Iran. He noted that he believed Obama is a man of his word and will come on his show ( hint) but made sure to add that he had it on tape.

At the beginning of the segment, O'Reilly told Hemmer , " You have to look like Megyn to get on the program". Kelly giggled to Hemmer, " I'll lend you the leopard dress." When the segment ended, O'Reilly said to her, " I can't believe the dress."

comment: Only on FOX News!! Barack Obama better book his spot with Bill or get ready for some more visits from Bill's ambush crew.