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Bill O'Reilly Uses Charlton Heston To Smear Obama

Reported by Deborah - April 7, 2008 -

During a segment about Ed Schultz calling John McCain a "warmonger", Bill O'Reilly claimed that Barack Obama should have personally denounced Schultz instead of having his campaign issue a statement. Kinky Freidman and Juan Williams both agreed with BOR and after a few twists and turns Obama was all tied up with the bloggers from Daily Kos and Huffington Post who supposedly attacked Charlton Heston right after his death.

Juan Williams immediately agreed with O'Reilly saying Obama must come out and apologize himself or risk attacks on himself, his wife and his patriotism. He then went on to defend McCain. Kinky Freidman called McCain a "warrior" not a warmonger. Freidman said, " Warriors make the best peacemakers" comparing McCain to Rabin.

Then O'Reilly started the spin claiming Obama has not come out personally because he doesn't want to alienate the "far left" blogosphere who are responsible for the 40 million he recently raised. Then he went into an attack of the Daily Kos and Huffington Post for saying horrible things about Charlton Heston after he died claiming they "vilified" him.

Freidman jumped right in with " Hate bloggers will all be blogging in hell." O'Reilly followed with,
"You people are the worst that America has to offer!" Williams piled on some more with theories about the motivations of "hate bloggers".

O'Reilly wrapped it up vowing, " Gotta take care of this hate stuff."

comment: So in the end, O'Reilly placed Obama right in the center of an illusionary group of left wing supporters controlling his campaign funds who are hateful enough to " vilify" Charlton Heston, an American icon, instead of acknowledging his passing with respect. O'Reilly offered no evidence that any of this was true. However, that's of little consequence as long as John McCain looked like a warrior saint cast in one of Charlton Heston's religious epics and Barack Obama looked like the unpatriotic leftist unworthy of the voter's admiration and trust.