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The Daily Message From Republican Election HQ on FOX

Reported by Deborah - March 26, 2008 -

If you want to get a bad case of campaign fatigue and hypertensive outrage , FOX's America's Election HQ is the show for you. Today, 3/26/08, the hour was jam packed with Republican big shots pounding the message home with Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer providing just the right mix of mean spirited but always cheerful back up.

Viewers, once again, were bombarded with the usual attacks about Clinton and Obama. Hillary Clinton is a liar, they told us, and Dick Morris assured us that she's always been a liar. In fact, he went all the way back to her Junior High days claiming she lied about playing soccer because he checked and the school didn't offer intramural soccer. ( It's pretty pathetic to think he checked that out) Barack Obama is no better, they said because he claimed he was a professor, but was actually an instructor and don't forget he sat in those pews for twenty years. It's a matter of character they told us over and over.

John McCain, however is a saint without character issues. Tony Snow came on to defend McCain against that horrid Howard Dean who claimed McCain is too closely aligned with George W Bush. It's fine to say Hillary Clinton is just like Tonya Harding who tried to physically cripple her opponent with a tire iron but how dare Dean. Snow told viewers the surge is working and John McCain had the courage and foresight to see this all along. ( John McCain has character unlike Obama and Clinton)

What about Reverend Wright they wondered. Bill Hemmer told Karl Rove that Obama will need to keep Wright " in a jar" for seven months so he doesn't say anything. Rove said Barack Obama hopes he doesn't speak but the real question is " Why did he stay ?"

Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer had such fun finding a good name for their Bosnia story. Kelly, all amused, didn't like the way Bosnia gate sounded and Hemmer offered "snipergate" What a creative mind.

How bout that Chelsea Clinton they wondered? That poor boy who asked her to analyze her mother's reaction to her father's infidelity was really a Clinton supporter. Was Chelsea being mean refusing to answer? (We report, you decide if she's just like her mom.)

There was a whole lot more in the very busy hour but we all got the message. Just think how deeply that message will take root by next November.