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Bill O'Reilly Hates Paparazzi but Loves "Ambush Journalism"

Reported by Deborah - March 24, 2008 -

Last week during the Take Back America Conference 2008, Bill O'Reilly sent his traveling gang to ambush Jesse Jackson, Arianna Huffington and Bill Moyers. Then he used the clips in smear segments filled with hateful name calling and distortions. Tonight he had Tanya Reiman, body language expert, analyze the gestures of his victims.

In the segment preceding the Body Language: Ambush Edition, he was discussing paparazzi in a legal case with Megyn Kelly and Lis Weihl. He announced, "We hate those paparazzi. They're the scum of the earth" Then he went on to exploit his ambushed victims videos for ratings just like the paparazzi he hates. with video

He carefully edited the original clips to change the tone of the confrontations and tried to come off like it was all harmless fun when in reality it was pretty ugly stuff which ultimately made him look hateful and foolish.

Tonight, in the Jesse Jackson analysis, he concentrated on Jackson stuttering which seemed very pronounced in tonights clip compared to the original.. He cut out Jackson's discussion of the issues that he felt were more important than Obama bashing. Reiman made some comments about his 'stammering" and then Oreilly said, "He's the biggest race hustler in the world."

Here's what really happened at the Jackson ambush. BOR totally avoided the images of his producer getting a dose of his own medicine. Now that's what Reiman should have analyzed.

Arianna Huffington's clip didn't show Porter Berry following her down the aisle almost onto the stage shouting out hateful comments found on HuffPo. They concentrated on the sincerity of her smile and her comfort using power gestures. Here's what really happened.

Bill Moyers was shown being gracious and open throughout his ambush.O'Reilly made fun of Moyer's defense of the TBA Conference and they found a split secong eye closing that was supposed to indicate that Moyers didn't like O'Reilly. O'Reilly laughed that this was " the 18th time" they had ambushed Moyers adding " He's used to it." Once again, here's what really happened.

Earlier, when BOR was having his paparazzi discussion in the legal segment, they brought up a possible law that would keep the stalking photographers 20 feet from their subjects. Bill was all for it but then added, " It would hurt me, most of all."