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Hannity Suggests That If Obama Wins, “That Would Mean A Racist And An Anti-Semite Would Be President Of The United States”

Reported by Ellen - March 19, 2008 -

Pollster Frank Luntz was the last guest to join the Obama lynching party on Hannity & Colmes last night (3/18/08). Ordinarily, Luntz is always presented as a neutral pollster, rather than as the Republican partisan that he truly is. He usually makes a decent effort at hiding his bias (though it slips out often). But last night, he dropped any pretense and actually congratulated Sean Hannity for his attacks on Barack Obama. Hannity, on the other hand, seemed almost defensive on the subject. Sounding as though he were seeking justification for his relentless attacks on Obama, Hannity suggested that it’s quite possible Obama could be a dangerous racist and anti-Semite. With video.

The supposedly impartial Luntz told the audience that he “personally found offensive” one part of Obama’s speech on race earlier in the day which, of course, was immediately played for the viewers. Luntz complained that Obama was using class warfare, a tactic he accused Democrats of "always using" against Republicans. Luntz added, “This is a very legitimate discussion and I do believe that this is turning against him.”

“What if (Obama) deep down in his heart thinks like (his controversial pastor) Wright?” Hannity asked.

Luntz had his neutral pretense back in place. “It’s not for anyone to answer that question.”

Hannity persisted. “Is that dangerous for this country? I think that would be dan… That would mean we would have, if he agreed with Wright and I don’t know that does, but if he did, that would mean a racist and an anti-Semite would be president of the United States.”

Hannity later said mysteriously, “It’s gotten out there in the media that I broke this story… There are people hostile to me in ways that I have never seen in my 12-year career. Emails, letters, threats, because I told the truth. Can you believe that?”

Luntz said, “And you’ve got the evidence. You’ve got the tape to prove it. Congratulations.”

I’ve never sent Hannity a threatening email or letter, nor would I approve of anyone else doing so. But I am urging everyone to contact Al Sharpton and ask him to reconsider including Hannity in the upcoming commemoration of Martin Luther King’s death. Last night was just one of many, many reasons that white supremacist sympathizer Hannity has no place in any commemoration of Dr. King. Please click here for more information on contacting Sharpton.