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FOX Devotes Sunday To Barack Obama

Reported by Deborah - March 16, 2008 -

Sunday, 3/16/08, was a day of true devotion to Barack Obama on FOX News. It was almost impossible to tune in without seeing the same clips of Rev. Wright making the now infamous comments while throngs of people showed up to pass judgement and join the speculation. Some guests took a lower road than others but Liz Trotta chose the subterranean tunnel while chatting with Jamie Colby this morning ,about 11:30 AM .

Trotta stated that Rev.Wright's comments would be considered hate crimes in some states. She then pointed out that people might start seeing Barack Obama as a " radical black separatist"' Expressing doubt about Obama's statement that he hadn't heard the comments from Wright, Trotta claimed that one year age, Obama suggested that Wright not attend a prayer breakfast telling him it was " because he had some rough sermons." Trotta criticized the other networks for taking so long to cover the story because they all have "liberal guilt"

Colby chimed in with , " FOX covered it early and fairly." adding it was a " dream for John McCain".
Trotta added that John McCain " was above the fray."

The Sunday wrap-up on Strategy Room with Brett Baier had a more dignified approach. This time Baier decided not to play the clips but instead recited the notorious comments. Kirsten Powers said it was outrageous to hold Obama responsible for his Pastor's words and Bob Beckel reminded viewers of crazy Pat Roberston's comments. However all the same slime was dripped over Obama despite the professional tone.

However, this time they addressed McCains connection with John Hagee and Rod Parsley.Ken Madden, from Mitt Romney's crew said it wasn't the same because John McCain has built a resevoir of good will with the press and Obama keeps himself "walled off".

comment: One wonders how FOX will keep harping with the same intensity but as always they will find a way. Looks like this Monday morning will be more grim than usual.