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Hannity's Website Speculates About Assassination Of Obama

Reported by Ellen - March 15, 2008 -

The next time you hear Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity complain about left-wing blogs, you can ask them about this entry from Hannity.com, titled I believe Barack Hussein Obama Will Be in danger of an Assassination attempt. It was posted on 3/15/08, at 12:55 am (presumably Eastern Time) and it's still up there at 8:30 PM ET, 19 hours later. The post says, "I think more people knowing about Obama's background now is going to hurt him extensively and almost assuradly get him killed if he is elected as president." UPDATE: Hannity.com removed the post shortly after this one was posted.

The author continues,

There are too many people who are going to be freaking out by this guy and too many nuts out there who will be willing to do the deed. When I was talking with one of my friends earlier today, he even said "when important people die, it inspires people."

...I wonder how many other people think this way... To make a statement like that, almost makes me wonder if a lot of people think it's going to happen and that it will inspire and send a message to us all?

... I just feel that with the more we learn about the racial implications in his past, the more likely it is for sure he will be killed. I'd hope for it not to happen, but when it comes down to it, I have to bring myself back to reality.

This is the kind of talk that the FOX News witchhunt against Obama engenders. A screen grab of the post is below.

(H/T GrannyStandingForTruth)

UPDATE: Well, well, well. Although the post stayed on Hannity.com for almost 24 hours, not long after I put up my post, someone took theirs down. Of course, when a similar situation happened on Huffington Post, that wasn't good enough for Sean Hannity. Then, he argued that HuffPo approved of the post and that the Secret Service should be investigating.

To be clear, I don't think either Hannity or his website endorse violence. And I find the actions of the moderator were perfectly appropriate, if a bit slow given that they ought to have known that Hannity's relentless and racially-oriented attacks against Obama were likely to engender such a response. I also think that if Hannity were really serious about maintaining civility, he'd spring for professional moderators rather than wait for volunteers to find the time to take down threatening posts. Surely, he can afford it.

But my larger point here is that the next time Hannity goes on one of his Hanctimonious rants about the hate-filled leftwing blogs, we can pull this one up quicker than he can say, "Louis Farrakhan."

And just in case you want a good laugh, check out this code of conduct from the moderator:

One of our forum rules posted at the top of the Ask the Moderator section states: "...Do not use the forums to spread hate, Antisemitism/racism... or otherwise fill our welcoming forums with hatred and malice."

I guess spreading hatred, malice and racism is reserved for the boss, eh?