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Beltway Boys Couldn't Care Less About Our Environment

Reported by Deborah - March 9, 2008 -

Once again Fred Barnes showed his indifference to to environmental issues on yesterday's Beltway Boys, 3/8/08. In early 2006, he declared that he was keeping his three SUVs and a year later in early 2007 he claimed that global warming was " marginal". Like clockwork, one year later, Barnes informed his viewers that he hasn't moved an inch on this issue.

Mort Kondracke, remaining neutral on the subject, mentioned that John McCain would be talking about climate change and global warming to attract the Independent voters. Barnes was not impressed responding with,

"Independents believe in that global warming stuff but I don't."

Later he opined that Democrats should get over their hatred of drilling in ANWR claiming it was an ideal solution. Kondracke reminded him that his "idol" Jeb Bush was against off shore drilling. Barnes ignored this and together they blamed the decision to protect ANWR for the recent economic "cratering".

comment: There was no discussion about the economic possibilities of alternative fuel development and certainly no indication that the Boys cared about the future of our planet. Change is the enemy for FOX and the B Boys and human evolvement is out of the question.