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Bill O'Reilly Predicts Violence At Democratic Convention

Reported by Deborah - March 5, 2008 -

After O'Reilly's small contribution last night as a political analyst with Brit Hume, The Factor tonight, 3/5/08, was all politics and he came off as the great authority. After a predictable segment with Dick Morris talking in his usual confusing circles about Hillary, Lanny Davis and Patricia Murphy, blogger, joined him to discuss the outcome on Texas and Ohio last night.

O'Reilly cautioned Davis that if super delegates come into play the Democratic Convention there would be a "blow up" adding that Al Sharpton would be staking it out. Davis explained that " the rules are indisputable" and there's really no question about changing the process in place. O'Reilly warned Davis he could be caught in the violence, " I can use the video of five guys beating you up."

O'Reilly moved to Murphy, an Obama supporter ,saying, " Old people kicked your butt." Then he wanted to know why older women like Hillary but wouldn't let Murphy really answer thoroughly. Her answer that older women relate to Clinton because they've experienced the same things could have been an opening for an interesting dialogue but BOR discounted it and wanted just the " political message" Clinton sent them. Murphy continued to try to explain while O'Reilly asked "Why?" over and over. Finally Murphy blurted " They just like her."

Lanny Davis said that " young people want to take back the white house." O'Reilly issued another warning. " You're not listening to me!", claiming that the Obama voters don't want " a back room deal". He insisted there would be a "brawl" adding " in a physical way."

He let Davis know that he was concerned about the Democrats but added ."Howard Dean, I don't like. I don't care what happens to him."

comment: Two more political analysts plus Dennis Miller appeared to talk about Clinton/Obama tonight. At least there were no culture warrior segments about sex shows at ivy league schools or trans gendered 8 year olds. Maybe Bill O'Reilly is redefining himself. Brit Hume better watch his back.