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After Repeatedly Smearing Obama, Hannity Pretends He And FOX News Have Not Engaged In Personal Attacks

Reported by Ellen - February 29, 2008 -

Sean Hannity must be very, very worried about the candidacy of Barack Obama. After nearly a week of smearing Obama, participating in discussions where other people smeared Obama, Hannity wondered on the air if personal attacks on him are really effective. Of course, he blamed the Clintons and other media for doing the attacking. With video.

Is there any end to FOX News' racial insensitivity? Trent Lott, of all people, was the sole guest in a segment largely devoted to critiquing Obama (not shown in the video below). After using Bill Cunningham to analyze Obama, can there be any doubt that they'd bring on Strom Thurmond or Lester Maddox, if either of them were still alive?

Part 2 of the interview was mostly devoted to John McCain. During his portion of the interview, Hannity asked Lott, "One of the things I think maybe we can just learn from the way Hillary Clinton has run against Barack Obama is that this Clinton strategy of launching the kitchen sink at him isn't going to work. So when you advise Senator McCain, would you advise him to just keep it on substance and not personal attacks?" That was a surprising question, given Hannity's penchant for the latter.

But Lott's answer was even more surprising. He said, "I think (McCain) would prefer that and that's always good if you can do it. It's hard to do in America now with some of the uh, you know, the media – not FOX by the way."

Hannity said, "Of course not."