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Bill Cunningham Pretends Use Of “Barack Hussein Obama” Was Intended To Honor Him

Reported by Ellen - February 28, 2008 -

Hate-mongering radio host Bill Cunningham was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (2/27/08) for the second night in a row to discuss and defend (and, in the meanwhile, hype) his use of Barack Obama’s middle name. But, after repeatedly smearing Obama the night before, this time Cunningham hilariously insisted that his usage of the middle name was used to honor him and “give the man credit” as a presidential figure, like John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Then, just to prove how much respect he really had – and just what kind of fairness and balance FOX News has – Cunningham stuck around for a second segment in which he attacked analyzed Obama’s candidacy. With video

FOX News has been fixated on the “issue” of using Barack Obama’s middle name. For at least the third time yesterday (2/27/08), Hannity & Colmes used the “Cavuto mark” of asking whether or not it’s fair to use it, when the “fair and balanced” network must know that the real issue is not fairness but, as Alan Colmes later said in his smackdown, intent.

Naturally, Sean Hannity sided with “Great American” Cunningham and told Democrat Bob Beckel “You’re just making an assumption here” that Cunningham was using Obama’s middle name to smear him.