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Bill O'Reilly Compelled To Ridicule Oscars and George Clooney

Reported by Deborah - February 25, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly claimed the Academy Awards were dull and nobody watched them but that didn't stop him from doing two segments tonight about the show and of course bringing up George Clooney. Tonight he had two movie buffs, Bonnie Fuller and Ted Casablanca, on The Factor to talk about Hollywood's influence on the election. Then he used the Body Language segment to mock Gary Busey's behavior on the red carpet.

O'Reilly complained that Barack Obama had 250 Hollywood endorsments while McCain only had one, Sylvester Stallone. He thought these celebrity endorsements would really influence voters but both guests disagreed saying the only endorsement that mattered was Oprah's

O'Reilly seemed to think that everyone at the Oscars was talking about politics. He asked Casabalanca if they were " stratagizing" back stage. Casablanca didn't try to tell him how crazy that sounded and instead mentioned that everyone was trying to heal from the writer's strike.

A mention of George Clooney was inevitable and BOR tried to suggest that Clooney made a Hillary bashing remark because he's an Obama supporter. It seems that Clooney said he felt like Hillary Clinton because he had been favored to win for Michael Clayton but Daniel Day Lewis won instead. It was obviously a light hearted quip without political meaning but BOR wanted to give it deeper meaning.

Despite the opinions of Fuller and Casablanca that Hollywood celebrities will not influence people to vote for Obama but O'Reilly disagreed saying., " He'll do everything the Hollywood left wants".

Tanya Reiman was asked to analyze a slightly embarrassing scene where Gary Busey was introduced to Jennifer Gardner on the red carpet and he kissed her on the neck inappropriately. Gardner looked uncomfortable but it wasn't a wild scene but BOR acted like it was hilariously bizarre.

comment: O'Reilly failed to make Oscar Night seem ominous and dangerously anti-American .In fact the segment was ridiculous and meaningless. Americans are united in their love of the movies.Seems like Bill wants to fracture that universal bond too. How sad!