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Oscar Tradition On Beltway Boys

Reported by Deborah - February 24, 2008 -

Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke like to bad mouth the Oscars every year before the show. Sharon Stone was their focus this year for her recent comments about Iraq. Barnes made a major slip of the tongue with a joke that Stone should try her techniques from her role in Basic Instincts on Obama then laughed correcting himself that he meant to say Osama. Then, of course, he made some comment about Hollywood hating America.

Last year, the Boys used Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth to make their point. Kondracke claimed An Inconvenient Truth was "hysterical in it's exaggeration." Also at that point they were all worried that Gore would run and of course anOscar win would would make Gore #1 choice.

In 2006, George Clooney was the enemy . Tony Snow and Mort Kondracke didn't hold back .
Kondracke declared that Left-Wing political movies dominate the Oscar nominations this year adding, "There's nothing fair and balanced about Hollywood". After giving his rather limited synopsis of Syriana, he proclaimed.
"If George Clooney wins, there's no hope for Hollywood!"
Tony Snow gave a loyal FOX approved response. "After awhile moviegoers are going to say, who needs these guys?"

A week after the Oscars, 3/11/06, The Boys felt compelled to keep the Hollywood bashing going. They made sure to go after everyone even Barbara Streisand for spelling errors on her blog. Of course they ended the tirade with their traditional comment

Kondracke lamented, " The whole premise of Hollywood movies is that America is an evil, rotten, nasty, place."