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Karl Rove Is In Awe Of John McCain's Speech?

Reported by Donna - February 20, 2008 -

It's almost laughable that Rove would say that instead of Obama's speech. Carlson, Napolitano and Kilmeade were on Fox and Friends with Karl Rove. Together they decided that Hillary was in trouble and McCains speech was great. Michael Huckabee was hardly mentioned though they did have him on for a couple of minutes. But there is one person who seems to be giving them trouble, it's the charismatic Barack Obama.

Rove said that Hillary needed to "step up her attack." (Comment: Oh yeah, wouldn't he love that when the momentum is on Barack Obama' s side) They all said that Hillary's speech was about 5 minutes, McCain's about 10 minutes and Obama's was about 45. They seemed a little miffed about this, like how dare he?

Pretty much of the entire show they talked about "McCain's success" and "Hillary's problems."

Rove said that Barack gave an inspired speech with no substance, "a very liberal agenda." (Comment: Oh, be scared, be very scared, Rove said the 'L' word) Rove wanted to know how he was going to pay for his programs? (Comment: Uh, how about that trillion dollar waste of a war we're waging by the worst president of all time?) Rove said that John Mccain is "taking steps" and getting sharper.

The banner read 'Karl Rove Makes Predictions'

Rove said he sees a big win for Obama and that McCain is on a roll.

They had another segment on with radio talk show host Mike Medved The segment was supposed to be 'how will Obama handle the hard questions' but Medved went on about how long Obama's speech was. (Comment: I found it inspiring and you hardly knew the time was passing)

Judge Andrew Napolitano and Medved both asked how all Obama's healthcare and job programs were going to be paid for. (Comment: And again I ask, how about getting rid of the war?)

Carlson said there has been so much Obamarania she wanted to know "if it would ever come down?" Medved said that Obama was reading speeches off of teleprompters (Comment: C'mon, we all know they never helped Bush) and it will be proven that he doesn't "walk on water." (Comment: Is this some kind of slur about people thinking that Barack Obama is Jesus?) He's just a one of a kind, charismatic man who appeals to people everywhere - I had people on my Live Chat last night from Australia and the UK saying they had Obamarania. Maybe this is the man who can bring us all back together and regain the United States reputation.

Napolitano asked Medved if Hillary was out and Medved said yes.

Comments: It was apparent that this group were building up the reputation of John McCain. They put down Hillary and Barack Obama again.

In reality, I really think they are scared to death of Obama. Last night I could feel the magic and momentum of Barack Obama. He came through as a great man who wanted to make our country great again.

So, don't listen to the Fox Stooges, Obama is doing just fine.