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Old news is FOX front page news when it riles the Republican base

Reported by Chrish - February 19, 2008 -

Watch for FOX to ramp up the coverage on issues of terrorism, Iraq, and illegal imigration in the months leading up to the election, topics on which Republicans, according to current mythology, have a leg up on Democrats. Look for them also to push McCain to the right so the disenchanted far-right (who call themselves true conservatives) will be placated and come out come November 4th. A random and arbitrary report on an illegal immigrant on the FBI's most wanted list copped the front page of the FOXNews website yesterday. and only when one clicked through to the linked article did she find that there was nothing "new" about that "news" item.

The front page blared: "Police seek illegal immigrant who allegedly fled to Mexico after killing ex-lover and her two sons and setting them ablaze in Idaho." Oh no, not again! How horrific - is it a copycat crime? No, it's the same one I recall being reported - back in August, I think - and this is a follow-up, complete with mugshot.


Reading further, one finds that the suspect made the Most Wanted Listing in March 2005, and the actual crime was committed in 2002!

It's a horrific crime and we all hope someday he's is brought to justice. But this was a completely inappropriate piece for a national "news" site to post prominently on the front page, with photo. Knowing FOX and their agenda as we do we can only conclude it was meant to inflame their base. A look at Google News shows them as the only site addressing the issue


and a search of the web shows some sites have already picked it up, prompting comments like this:

"Had this RABID PARASITIC SCUM PIG from that THIRD WORLD CESSPOOL some call mexico not been here in the first place...."

"Too damn bad that the American woman he murdered hadn't been some senator's daughter. That would have started the mass deportation and border clampdown within 24 hours. But - as long as those American women being beaten, raped, and murdered by the illegal aliens MOG lets in and lets stay are just peasant daughters of peasant Americans - MOG will let it continue no matter how many American women are raped or murdered by illegal aliens."

"Duh! Why doesn't McCain, Clinton, or Obama recognize the crap American Citizens have to go through, because of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who make a string of BAD CHOICES?!"

"Solving the issue of illegal aliens is so simple even a liberal should be able to grasp it: build the wall and deport them all."

" But hey at least between murdering they can pick some lettuce eh?"

Ah yes, the smell of elections in the air - must motivate the base!