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Fox and Friends Bash Hillary & Say President Bush Said Peace & Prosperity Will Be At Stake If Hillary Or Barack Is Elected

Reported by Donna - February 8, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends we had our usual amount of tabloid news, Anna Nicole Smith, Steroids, miracle baby, you know, National Enquirer kind of stuff. They did, however, have some political news but even that was the same, shedding the good light on the Republicans and bashing Hillary.

They spoke about Romney quitting the Republican race by Doocy sayng, "Romney didn't become a multimillionaire by not knowing the numbers and the numbers aren't there."

Later on they went through this convaluted theory on how if Huckabee quits all the momentum could go to John McCain and it would be like it happened to President Clinton in 1992.

But the story they stuck with was the same as yesterdays. Where did Hillary Clinton get 5 million dollars? They acknowledged that she did receive an 8 million dollar advance for her book, but then they started talking about Bill's money, like that was different from Hillary's. Camerota said if she is supposed to be "running as a strong woman, what does she need the president's money for?" (Comment: Excuse me, they're married, it's their money)

The crew went on to talk about how Kerry had to pay Therese Heinz Kerry back but that was a totally different situation. It was a second marriage and Therese had a lot of her own money, she had trusts. Bill and Hillary married young and are still married and have joint accounts. (Comment: The Fox and Friends crew said they had joint accounts) But how does that make you any weaker if you did use your spouses money? There are a lot of right wing housewives who would tell you it doesn't.

F & F's went on about Hillary never putting out her tax returns. But even they said yesterday that that is not required, a disclosure document is and she did put that out. Then they started thinking about where Obama's money was coming from.

They showed Mitt's speech at CPAC when he announced he was dropping out of the race. They briefly mentioned that he had borrowed money from his son's inheritance but that's all it was -- a mention. No one said he was weak because he used his son's money. (Comment: Hypocricy?)

The banner said 'Romney Bows Out What's Next For The GOP? (Comment: See how there is no attacking involved?)

Then Camerota asked "'why was Hillary pushing for 5 debates?'" (Comment: See how it's always on the attack of Hillary?) The Democratic strategist was Regina Calcaterra, the Repulican strategist was Angela McGowlan, a Fox employee.

Camerota said that Mitt Romney said that he was dropping out of the race because it helped the Republicans and she asked Calcaterra why she thought it would help the Democrats?
Calcaterra said that she thought this would help Hillary and Obama. She felt they both would be concentrating on John McCain and this would be beneficial to them. She said that McCain doesn't know who to attack back.

McGowlan said that Mitt Romney said a divided party cannot stand and she disagreed with Regina and said that Obama was asking for Hillary's tax returns. McGowlan said Hillary and Obama would continue to attack each other and McCain could just speak to his issues.

Camarota asked Calcaterra why Hillary wanted 5 debates and Calcaterra said that one, Hillary was a better debater than Obama, more focused while Obama has a lot of uh's, pauses and he's not so direct. Second she said that could help her reinforce her experience and thirdly if she's talking about money it's good to force the debates.

Camerota asked McGowlan that that was funny. Hillary said she "infused her campaign with her own cash", then the donations started rolling in and she's fine now. McGlowan said she agreed with Steve (Doocy) that it could have been a ploy. She said she didn't agree about Obama having all the uh's and pauses but he speaks "above the clouds" and Hillary sticks with the policies. She added that she may not agree with her policies but the lady was brilliant. She, too, thought the debates would help Hillary.

They had another segment with Karl Rove (new employee of Fox) who had his whiteboard and explained that it would be really close but he thought Hillary would win.

On another segment Kilmeade went on about Hillary's money problems (Comment: Yes, after Camerota said that her money woes were over) and people not getting paid. (Comment: No back up on this one) Gretchen said she was fine and bringing in a million dollars a day on the internet. But they did say again, "Where did she get that 5 million dollars?)

They showed a little of the president speaking at CPAC., which is a conservative convention. Fox and crew said a few times that the president said "Peace and Prosperity will be at stake if Hillary or Obama is elected." They tried to stay on long enough for him to say it (apparently they had an advance on his speech) but they cut away from it. Unless he said it in the 8 to 9 a.m. est hour of Fox and Friends that I do not monitor. (Comment: Nice of the 'bring us together' president to say, huh?)

Kilmeade got all excited that John McCain would keep the tax cuts for the rich permanent.

Then they had the noted toe sucker, Dick Morris on to talk about the only thing he thinks he's an expert on - Hillary Clinton. He said when you subtract the super delagates it only gives a 3 delegate edge to Hillary. Morris talked about upcoming states and said he gives the edge to Obama. (Comment) Doocy said he was a 'good friend' of this show)

There were other digs at Hillary, but I can't include them all or I'd be writing a book.

Comments: If you like tabloid news (Oh, I forgot Kirsten Dunst and Princess Di:) and Hillary bashing, this is the show for you. It was boring and almost comical.