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Sean Hannity, In A Bullyboy Snit Over The Campaign, Blames Clinton For Iraq Troop Problems

Reported by Ellen - February 2, 2008 -

Poor Sean Hannity. Despite his best efforts and Ann Coulter’s spotlight-grabbing attempt to scare conservatives away from John McCain, a just-released FOX News poll indicates that he has more than double the support of Mitt Romney (48% for McCain, 20% for Romney). Also, while both Clinton and Obama tie McCain, they beat Romney, Hannity’s preferred candidate, by double digits. Even with a stacked political panel on last night’s (2/1/08) Hannity & Colmes, with two conservatives to one Democrat, Hannity just couldn’t handle any opposition. He yelled and jabbed his finger at the lovely Jane Fleming Kleeb and, when she blithely pointed out some of the stresses and strains that President Bush has imposed on our troops in Iraq, Hannity cut her off by asking, “And what did Bill Clinton do in all the years he’s president?” With video.

The FOX News meme for the day must have been Ann Coulter’s vow to vote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain. So rather than focus on the new FOX News poll (which Alan Colmes mentioned but Hannity did not), the segment opened with a clip of Coulter’s so-called endorsement. I’m willing to bet anyone that she’ll change her mind within five minutes if McCain gets the nomination because there’s no way she’s going to sit silently on the sidelines for the rest of the campaign.

I don’t think Democrats are going to want much to do with her either. Democratic spokesperson Kleeb told Colmes, “Normally, the Democrats welcome lots of people into our tent but we do not want her. She’s full of hate. I’m sure Clinton doesn’t want her endorsement. I know a lot of Democratic voters don’t want her anywhere near any of the campaign events that we do so you guys can keep her on the right. We don’t want her.”

Guest Tammy Bruce said she’d vote for Hillary “if Huckabee is anywhere near the ticket.” She said she’d also consider that if McCain gets the nomination. But, thankfully, Bruce is no Coulter and skipped making a spectacle of herself.

The third guest, Townhall.com’s Amanda Carpenter told Colmes that conservatives feel it might be better to “let things break until 2010” when, she said, there would be an opportunity to re-take the Congress. Funny how she didn’t mention anything about re-taking the Congress this year.

The bullyboy edge in Hannity’s voice was apparent the moment he began talking. “Jane, by the way, you can keep in your Party, Harry “the war is lost” Reid… You can keep John “Our Marines kill innocent civilians in cold blood” (Murtha)…” (Colmes interjected from his side of the table that Murtha never said such a thing.) Hannity went on to attack John Kerry in the same vein.

Kleeb interrupted him by patiently saying, “Sean, you always do this.”

He interrupted her back with barely concealed temper. “Jane, you can keep them all. You can have all of them. Because that’s your Party that undermines our troop morale and emboldens our enemies.”

Fact check: Several high-ranking military officers have told Hannity, who never put his own fanny into a military uniform, that the troops’ morale has not been harmed by the debate over the war. Yet Sean “facts are for other people” Hannity continues to promulgate this myth. Oddly enough, he never seems to consider what kind of effect his own poisonous partisanship might have on troop morale. After all, there are Democratic soldiers and soldiers serving from Reid’s and Murtha’s district. It can’t be much of a morale booster for them to hear their representatives or even the majority of their countrymen who vote Democratic called, in essence, traitors.

Kleeb said, “Sean, there’s not one single Democrat, there’s not one single Democrat that wants our troops in harms way and there’s not one single Democrat…”

Hannity started yelling and jabbing his finger into the air. “There’s not one single Republican that I know that sent troops to fight and while they’re fighting the war he sent ‘em to fight, tells them they lost. Not one! Not a single one!”

Fact Check: Last I heard, Senators Chuck Hagel and Dick Lugar were Republicans.

Kleeb continued, “And Sean, how about President Bush not making sure that there’s not proper health care for our troops when they get back. Or how about President Bush not sending troops who actually have PTSD and hearing problems right back into the fight?”

Hannity cut her off. “And what did Bill Clinton do in all the years he’s president?”

Oops, Hannity didn’t want to argue that any more. He moved away from Kleeb to talk to one of the other guests.

You could hear Colmes laughing in the background.

By the way, Hannity said during the segment that he’d vote for McCain if it really comes down to it.

Methinks that the real cause of Hannity’s pique is that neither he nor his loud-mouthed friends Limbaugh, Levin, Coulter, etc. are having the kind of influence to which they feel entitled. Wah, wah, wah!