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Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter "true conservatives" per FOX host

Reported by Chrish - February 1, 2008 -

As further evidence that FOX News' agenda includes moving the country's perception of the political middle to the right, this morning 2/1/08 on FOX and Friends there were repeated references to the extreme right as "conservatives." If Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are indicative of straight-up conservatism, as stated by host Gretchen Carlson, and find John McCain to be too liberal, then of course moderate Democrats become the left and liberals become farleft loons.
With video.

In a segment with Bill Sammon, a Bush insider, he commented on Nancy Reagan's non-endorsement-endorsement of John McCain saying that because of her opposition to Bush on a single issue, stem cell research, she is considered not as conservative as "some" would like. (That would be the farright contingent who believes fetal tissue better discarded than utilized for research.)

Gretchen Carlson, giving Ann Coulter faaaar too much credit for influence, asked, aghast, what would Coulter's declaration that she would vote for Clinton over McCain do to the Republican Party? (We know what it does for Ann: gets her back in the spotlight.)

Sammon said that McCain, appearing at a solar (sic) factory with Rudy Giuliani and CA Governator Schwarzenegger and talking about "going green to save the planet," being not-endorsed by Nancy Reagan, and eliciting praise from Barack Obama for opposing the Bush tax cuts, is not exactly appealing to the base, like he would if he had the endorsement of Limbaugh or Coulter, or David Keene, head of the American Conservative Union.++

Greg Kelly suggested that Ted Kennedy's ("a cartoon character") endorsement of Obama might make Clinton look like the more moderate choice, and Sammon responded that that appeals to the base, which is expected in a primary, but McCain's endorsements by moderates are turning off the base, which he Apparently defines as Limbaugh and Coulter followers.

Both Sammon and Carlson brought up the allegation, which McCain denied, that he considered leaving the Republican Party in 2001 to be an Independent or even, horrors, a Democrat. They both refer to an article in today's Hill but the most recent I found was from March 2007. Of course I could be wrong - search away and let me know. Maybe it's just not posted on-line yet.

This radical-right-is-conservative talking point is rampant on FOX. One other example: the other night Sean Hannity used the phrases

"the evangelical vote, generally considered conservative."

"the evangelical vote, generally the conservative wing of the Party "

To most, the anti-evolution no-sex evangelical crowd is pretty extreme right-wing. The moderate majority does not subscribe to the strict religious moral code those people choose to live by.

++McCain's lifetime voting record scores around 83% with the American Conservative Union, who tracks such things. He is right in there with MO Senator Kit Bond and KS Senator Pat Roberts, and nobody is questioning their conservative cred. If these far right-wingers can only get behind another right-extremist and can't give any ground, clearly these people are NOT interested in compromise, NOT interested in getting along with their liberal fellow Americans, and are NOT interested in anything that doesn't further their extreme right, neo-conservative vision. They're NOT the center; same say ;) they're not conservative. They'll only settle for another Bush - and clearly the country doesn't want that.