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Another Romney Brain Twister On Illegal Immigration

Reported by Ellen - February 1, 2008 -

Does Mitt Romney know how to tell the truth? In a lengthy, two-part Hannity & Colmes interview last night (1/31/08) which just happened to come on the same day as Sean Hannity’s announcement that he’d vote for Romney (like we didn’t know that already), Romney tried to square two contradictory statements he’d made about illegal immigration. The result was a piece of nonsense. With video.

Near the end of one of one of his segments, Alan Colmes cited an interview Romney did with the San Francisco Chronicle last year, in which he said, “I don’t believe we're going to round up the 12 or 20 million people and deport them. I do believe we need to have the people who are here as aliens register, so we know how many there are.”

Colmes continued, “Now recently, you’ve been saying, and you said to Politico.com, illegal immigrants who’ve arrived recently should be deported and that you’d then follow that by getting the others out of the country.” Noting the apparent contradictions, Colmes said, “So I’m confused about what the true position is.”

“Well, pretty simple,” Romney said with his well-groomed smile. “Which is, you’re not gonna know which people are gonna stay and how long until they’ve all been registered, they’ve all come in and you know who they are. So that’s necessary to begin our program. And in my view, the first thing you have to do with those that have been here illegally is find out how many there are, where they are and what their circumstances are. Those that have just been here for a month or two ought to go home right away. Those that have been here for a long period of time, have children in school, I’d let them stay longer, until they’re able to arrange their affairs, perhaps sell a home, or something of that nature. And then ultimately return home. The problem I had with McCain Kennedy was that that bill said that every illegal alien, 12 million illegal aliens, other than those that have committed crimes, all get to stay here forever if they pay $3000 bucks. And that simply makes no sense.”

So let me get this straight, if that’s possible. Romney is saying he would not round people up and deport them, he’d have them registered and then deport them. And he’d get them all registered how? He never said.