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Neil Cavuto's Florida Primary Slimary

Reported by Melanie - January 29, 2008 -

Regular readers of this site know that Republicans never lose on Fox. Compared to Democrats, Republicans are portrayed as being superior human beings in all ways. But first and foremost, Republicans are winners and there is no end to the length Fox will go to portray them as such, as evidenced today (January 29, 2008) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

Cavuto opened his show with a FNA about the fierce weather across the nation and then dove into the Florida "primaries" (plural). After a report from Carl Cameron and Bill Hemmer, Cavuto went to Brett Doster, the Florida chair of the Bush/Cheney '04 campaign.

Cavuto introduced Doster with,

Now, on a day the New York Times says these primaries are only revving up the Democrats, we're getting reports of record turnout among Republicans in Florida today. My next guest says this is unlike anything he's certainly seen in quite a number of years.

With that, Cavuto and Doster talked about the Republican race: How important Florida has become; who might win; who might be the best at motivating their constituents, etc., until the end, when Cavuto asked:

This comes at a time when everyone says the Democrats are jazzed, not so much Republicans. If these numbers bear out what you're saying, Republicans are very much jazzed about this race, even if it comes down to these two men, McCain and Romney?


Absolutely they are Neil, and I think we'll continue to see tonight, as the numbers continue to come in, that the Republican numbers are going to go higher and I think Republicans will outperform Democrats about 2 to 1 in the state today on turnout.

Comment: At no time during the discussion did Cavuto -- the anchor and the guy who's supposed to keep things honest -- point out one hugely important and relevant fact: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) ruled last summer that, "Florida will lose all its delegates to the Democratic National Convention unless the state moves its primary from Jan. 29 to Feb. 5." Undoubtedly thousands and thousands and thousands of Florida Democrats are staying home, figuring that their vote doesn't matter. So it's a no brainer that Republicans will probably "outperform Democrats about 2 to 1" there today. Cavuto and Doster though would have Fox's audience believe that a high turnout will signal a greater level of enthusiasm among Republicans, "proving" once again that they're better than Democrats (and, by inference, that they have more exciting candidates).

UPDATE: This from FoxNews.com that explains what "journalist" Cavuto should have known this afternoon: Democrats Barely Show in Sunshine State.

UPDATE2: And then there's this: Clinton Wins Florida Votes, But No Delegates, which I found after clicking on: "Clinton Wins 'Beauty Contest' in Florida."