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Luntz "focus" group brought in to approve dull SOTU address

Reported by Chrish - January 29, 2008 -

Last night's State of the Union addressrepeated promises and threats we've heard before. Bush is such a lame duck, desperate for a legacy besides the fiasco in Iraq and mind-boggling deficits, yet even his head cheerleaders at FOX had a hard time putting a happy face on it. Enter Frank Luntz and one of his focus groups.

As Frank Luntz noted, it's pretty hard to find people who don't have a "strong" opinion on Bush by now. But he came up with 27 of them right there at "ground zero, southern Florida, the place where the Bush administration basically began." Lo and behold, the majority of them came away from the SOTU address approving of the speech, and it was declared "overall, a very positive" night. Bush, the Uniter, vindicated.

Here's the sorry segment: