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O'Reilly tries to tie 5-year-old grants from Soros to CPI study finding Bush adminsitration lied

Reported by Chrish - January 24, 2008

It really wasn't that difficult, but I called it yesterday:

"Spin prediction: Bill O'Reilly will go after this study as "Soros-funded" without addressing the contents. On FOX only people who are friends of The Heritage Foundation, The Carthage Foundation, The Bradley Foundation, are to be believed."
Tonight the spinmeister and regular guests Jane Hall and Bernie Goldberg discussed, not the study, but the fact that "farleft enthusiast" George Soros funds the Center for Public Integrity.

From the way O'Reilly was sneering I thought Soros owned the CPI lock, stock, and barrel. Turns out he made four specifically targeted grants in 2000, 2001, and 2002 totalling $1,247,400 - nothing to sneeze at for you or me, but a drop in the bucket when we're talking about these big think tank budgets. And let's not overlook that it was five years ago! Wikipedia has a list of foundations supporting the Center for Public Integrity here, which O'Reilly asserts "are all left-wing organizations." (The Ford Foundation is left-wing? Princeton Class of 1969? The Rockefeller Brothers? It is to laugh - even funnier to think that Bill O'Reilly did the copius research to come to that conclusion. He looked at the list, saw "Streisand," and that was all he needed to confirm his prejudices.)

Either Goldberg had no idea what he was talking about, or he was going along knowingly with O'Reilly's misrepresentation of Soros' involvement and the respectability of the group. He declared that Journalism 101 requires that reports first and foremost disclose "the source, the money source, for a study like this." To his credit, he did say that he is not dismissing the study out of hand but decrying that the SCLM did not disclose...what? That George Soros gave a few bucks five years ago to the organization?

Hall was allotted 25 seconds to rebut (after Goldberg and O'Reilly shared the first 1:45) and she did a good job, talking fast, but O'Reilly (fair and balanced) laughed and jeered while she did.

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