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Hannity’s Pal Urges White People To Voice Racist Thoughts

Reported by Ellen - January 23, 2008 -

Sean Hannity continued to obsess about unfair “double standards” held against white racists last night (1/22/08) on Hannity & Colmes. Still fixated on Rev. Calvin Butts’ remark, “Go to hell, white man” that the African American Butts made several years ago to Rudy Giuliani in the wake of a racially charged trial (the two reconciled long ago), Hannity was all upset, not about the consequences or even the importance of racism, but about the fact that white people can’t “get away” with saying the same kinds of things Hannity abhors from black people. Hannity’s favorite African American, the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson came to the rescue: “I’m giving white folks permission to speak up,” he said. Then Peterson compared Barack Obama’s pastor with the KKK. With video.

Hannity began his attacks on Butts the night before during a segment commemorating Martin Luther King. Last night, a whole segment was devoted to Butts.

In his scripted introduction, Alan Colmes noted that Butts had just endorsed Hillary Clinton and added, “(Clinton’s) rivals want to discredit Butts by “highlighting racially insensitive remarks he once made to Rudy Giuliani.”

Oh, really? As far as I can tell, Clinton’s only rivals at the moment are Barack Obama, John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich and I could find no evidence that any of them had been attacking Butts. In fact, my Google search indicated that the only one complaining lately is Hannity.

Colmes was clearly disgusted with the whole issue. “I’m so tired of every time somebody associated with any candidate says something ten years ago, it becomes an issue in the campaign. First of all, (Butts and Giuliani) reconciled… And this happened on the heels of the Amadou Diallo case in New York City where a black guy was killed by white officers. So context is very important here.”

Furthermore, Butts had just chosen to endorse Clinton over Obama, a preference that on the face of it indicates someone who does not discriminate against whites.

But Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson overlooked that fact. Peterson has already forgiven and embraced Duane “Dog” Chapman who went on an “n-word” laden rant just a few months ago. But according to Peterson, Butts exemplifies the evils of black racism for that stray remark so long ago. When asked by Colmes to explain why he thought Butts a racist, Peterson answered that it’s because whites can’t use the same language. “Because had a white Republican said that about a black man, then they would be burning down the country… White Republican conservatives are not allowed to speak out. But because these people are black, people are black Democrats, they are allowed to get away with it.” In other words, Peterson seemed to think that what Butts said is not so bad, it’s that he got away with it.

White supremacist sympathizer Sean Hannity has also embraced Duane “Dog” Chapman. In fact, I can't think of a single white person who has gotten in trouble for racist language in the past several years whom Hannity has not defended.

Hannity spent not one moment considering any harm that may have been done by Butts’ allegedly racist comment in favor of complaining about the fact that whites don’t have the same “advantage.” Hannity barked in his bullyboy voice, “What happened to Trent Lott? Reverend Sharpton has made multiple statements over the course of his career that have been over the top and out of line. Jesse Jackson has, Louis Farrakhan is an outright racist and anti-Semite, based on the things he’s said over the years, as far as I’m concerned. Democrats can have Robert Byrd as their leader in the Senate. Why does the double standard exist? How do you change that?”

Peterson's answer was not to overcome racism. He wanted white people to have the same “privileges” as blacks. “The reason that the double standards exists is because white Americans are afraid. They are afraid of being called a racist. And anytime you are afraid, your enemy will overtake you… And I’m giving white folks permission to start speaking up. I’m a black American. I love my country. I love what’s right and I know that it’s only the truth that’s gonna bring ‘em to change and until that happens, it’s gonna continue.”

Hannity didn't mind that Peterson was advocating more racist speech as an antidote to the kind of talk Hannity purported to deplore. No, Hannity was concerned that he might get in trouble for doing what Peterson had just advocated. “But, you see, if you’re a radio host or a television host and you say something that is deemed inappropriate. For example, where did any of these people that went after Don Imus, why didn’t they go after Calvin Butts for saying ‘Go to hell, white man?'”

“Because he’s black,” Peterson said consolingly. “I’m telling you, because he’s black. There’s a double standard and white Americans are afraid.”

Peterson went on to compare Barack Obama’s pastor with the KKK. “If a white preacher, including the KKK, espouses so called ‘white values’ - remember, at one time the KKK was doing that. They were like ‘We’re for white people. We’re for (unintelligible), the white way.’ They got rid of those folks. But when it happened with black Democrats, they allowed ‘em to do it.”

Racial antipathy was “what it’s all about,” Peterson said. “They hate white Americans... You know, we just celebrated Dr. King’s birthday last night… But Dr. King’s primary message was forgiveness. He said we have to overcome our enemies with good. But when he was assassinated, Jackson and the others, the so-called civil rights leaders, the traitors, took the message of love and forgiveness and turned it to hate for their own personal gain.”

It’s worth noting that Hannity harped on the Butts “issue” twice more during the show: next, during a segment with Newt Gingrich (see my next post) and later during a discussion with Lanny Davis who, I’m sorry to say, showed absolutely no outrage at Hannity’s repeated smears of Hillary Clinton, whom Davis says he supports, nor Hannity’s unwarranted racist rant against Butts (included in the video below).

Colmes, on the other hand, had had enough. He shouted, “(Butts) APOLOGIZED. Six years ago. There was a reconciliation… How many times do you have to apologize for something? You forgive Duane “Dog” Chapman?”